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Nausea with hashimoto's?

Ok so my tests are lost between doctors but my gp (the one who actually took the test) told me that my antibodies were elevated which would suggest thyroiditis to me.  I have been struggling with this all summer and still have not gotten any answers other than the nodules are not cancerous.  For the last few weeks I have been feeling nautious and have had a headache pretty much everyday, has anyone else had these problems? I just want to get on meds and feel better!
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Yes nautious is common symptom when you fluctuate from hypo to hyper. Whcih means you are probably hyper, with hypo symptoms. Girl get another doctor:)
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WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!  I don't have an answer but wanted to stop by and say hello,

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Ask your doctor for a copy of your lab test results. Then you can post all your results with ranges. Then we can look at them and help you discuss them. Are you hypo or hyper?
Yes that nauteous feeling and headaches are common with both hypo and hyper. If your antibodies are high that means you have an autoimmune problem. Graves or Hashimotos. When you post results we can tell you which.
Yeah!!! to no cancer. Sorry you are not feeling well though. We can all emphathize with you.
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I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 12 years ago I had Graves but it went into remission, I recently started feeling bad again went and had my thyroid test again all came back normal, but I insisted on her doing my antibioties and they came back elevated, they were 386 and they told me I had Hashimoto's, is that and automatic diagnosis if antibioties are high..they put me on levothyroxine 50...does anyone have symptoms of pressure in back of head dizzy, fuzzy feeling,lack of focus short term memory loss, cold, hot, bloated stomach, dry eyes and redness in eyes joint pain and weakness ear pressure and high and low blood pressure..I am in pure hell and my husband thinks I am fakeing , I am all alone and feel like I am mentally and physically falling apart.
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I have a headache every day and have nausea as well.  I thought it was just me but obviously not. I keep those starlight mints in my purse to keep the nausea down.  The mint seems to help.  I haven't been dealing with all this long enough to know if it will last forever or go away as my symptoms improve.  Laura is right - YEAH to no cancer!!!  
Hope you feel better today.
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I am not one to join this kind of forum exchange, but find myself looking for others who may help.  I will have surgery next week to remove one-half my thyroid due to three big nodules that are poking out of my neck.  I'm a 54 year-old woman that appears to have an Adam's apple!  Gross.  Anyway, I am experiencing nausea and headaches all the time.  My numbers on the thyroid blood tests are said to be great.  The calcium numbers are good, so it may not be a tumor on one of the parathyroids.  Anyway, I can't stand this nausea much longer.  I never throw up.  I just feel like I'm going to.  I don't know if I should continue my life's activities and ignore it, or take to the bed.  In the meantime, I have what feels like a freakin' potato lodged in my throat.
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I have researched and found several articles on the internet that your thyroid test for Hashimoto can appear normal yet you can have the symptoms happening.  
I found this site looking to see if my constant nausea is connected to the newly diagnosed Hashimoto.  My thyroid is in the normal range but my antibodies are 85 when normal range is 0-35.  I've been having a lot of symptoms of Hashimoto, weight gain even though I eat healthy and not a lot of consumption, exhaustion, throat swelling sporadically where it's hard to swallow bread or bananas, headaches, nausea, memory problems.  I don't see an endocrinologist that specializes in Hashimoto until the end of April.  The local one was an idiot.  He told me my sporadic memory problems has nothing to do with Hashimoto and we would "just wait for 6 months and do nothing to see what the tests are like then."  I found a specialist at a learning hospital in Richmond instead.
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Was searching for someone who was having the same fellings as me. I had my TSH checked and it was  . 003, I cant hardly get out of bed, I have no energy. I have had a headache and feel like I need to puke. The time before last my THS was .001?  I feel like my body is shutting down. My apt is still 1 mon. Away,                                          Any advise....   ANYONE                    Ps, Kristy  
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My daughter has been diagnosed with Hashimotos, she seems to be sick to her stomach a lot, even hot watering mouth, but does not puke. she does have some undiagnosed headaches too. This is so new, she is seeing an encronologist at Cleveland clinic, tell me more please.
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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 7 years ago, recently my doctor has changed my medication to Armour which made me really sick after about 6 months so he change me back to synthyroid 50. I have a headache and nausea everyday. I don't know what to do, I have an appointment with an endo next month but how do I make it another month like this?

my blood work is:

Antithyroglobulin Ab
Thyroglobulin, Antibody 1.3
Range 0.0-0.9

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S
T4,Free(Direct) 0.39
Range 0.82-1.77

Reverse T3
Reverse T3 11.4
Range 9.2-24.1

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 121
Range 0-34

Triiodothyronine,Free 1.6
Range 2.0-4.4
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From those test results you are terribly under medicated.  You should not wait another month for a doctor to do something for you.  I'd call the doctor who did those tests and request today to go back on the Armour Thyroid.  The T3 in Armour will have a faster effect than just increasing your current T4 dose.  You are seriously low in both Free T3 and Free T4.  I am amazed your doctor did not respond and do something about your meds and dosage.

What was your prior Armour dosage?
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