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A new doctor noticed my TSH was high after routine blood work 2 years ago. (I had a benign tumor on thyroid removed about 20 yrs ago and doctor told me it had tendency to be hard and dry; consequently, I figured function might decline at some point.)  New doctor prescribed Synthroid 100 mcg.  Within 10 months I had put on 12 pounds with no change in diet or exercise.  I have changed doctors and taken as much as 225 mcg, have seen some improvement in cold extremeties but still gaining weight.  I just want to throw it out and take some herbal stuff!  What gives??
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"Herbal stuff" won't replace the hormones your body needs to function, so don't be too hasty in throwing out your synthroid.  Most of us have felt that way, at one time or another.

Symptoms that just won't go away (such as the weight gain/inability to lose) are usually the result of poorly adjusted medication dosage.

As goolarra said, please post your current thyroid labs, with reference ranges, so we can help assess your situation.  

Do you know if you have Hashimoto's?
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Please post recent thyroid labs with reference ranges (ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report).

Do you have other hypo symptoms besides weight gain/inability to lose weight?

Is your doctor testing free T3?
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