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Need a ENDO with a clue

I am soooo discouraged. I finally got to an ENDO and he has no use for T4 and T3 or antibodies test. Says he can get me to below 2 on TSH. ( it's down to 4.7 from 4.9.). Did not get a current FT3 of FT4, antibodies  were over 1000 in November.( I had to request them) I can't find an ENDO here that knows anything that is shared on this site. I still feel like crap. Cannot lift weights which I need to be able to do to stay a firefighter. I cannot afford to be anything but fit in order to do my job safely. Did get to the Orthopedic Doc.  Saw nothing out of the normal for someone with bad knees (wearing them out). I see Rheumatoid Doc the 19th. Ruling out Lime, MS, joint attachment disorders etc. What do I do now. Having a hard time. Think I should be at a higher dosage (moving too slow) based on antibodies test. I can feel a little improvement. My legs don't feel so stiff going up a set of stairs but there is still pain. I have always been very fit.. this *****! My last TSH test was almost a month ago was 4.9 now 4.7. Is there an ENDO in Maine that is familiar with this site?

The below was done back in early November

Anti-microsomal Antibody test = > 1000.0 IU/mL  Ref = 0.0-3.9
Thyroglobulin Antibody test = > 1000.0 IU/mL     Ref = 0.0-14.4
Free T-4 = 1.1 ng/dl               ref = 0.9-1.7
Free T-3 = 2.6 pg/ml              ref = 2.0-4.4
ANA Titer = 1:320                  ref=1:40

Ultrasound results: Both lobes appear moderately enlarged with generalized distortion of the gland architecture, which has a course heterogeneous appearance consistent with the diagnosis of multi-nodular goiter. No discrete of dominant or focal mass is demonstrated on this examination. The right lobe measures 4.9 x 2.3 x 2.2 cm : left measures 4.7 x 2.2 x 1.8.
IMPRESSION:  Moderate generalized enlargement of the thyroid gland with
distortion of the gland architecture consistent with the diagnosis of
multinodular goiter.
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Maybe don't look at an endo then. Many are out there that know the right tools on this disease without having that ENDO word stamped on there practice.
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Thanks again. As always you and everyone here have help me stay positive. It is so frustrating to not be able to be the best I can be for my family, friends,myself and the people I take care of. Thanks again

You Rock!
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You can start by asking friends, co-workers, your new reumatologist, and your pharmacist.
I had an endo that was a real moron.  Ditched him as soon as possible.  In my search, I found several diabetics and hypos who use the same MD.  My new MD is HYPO too!  On my first visit he asked if I understood conversion.  He gave me a standing order with the lab to get TSH, FT4, & FT3 anytime I feel like it!
This one is a keeper!
You may find many people you know who are hypo.  It is very common.  All you have to do is ask them.
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Your Ft3 and FT4 are too low to relieve your symptoms, and symptoms should be all important, not just getting TSH to some level that the Endo thinks is okay.  Longer term you are going to have to find a good thyroid doctor that will treat your symptoms by adjusting FT3 and FT4 levels with whatever medication is required to alleviate symptoms, with being constrained by TSH.  I gather that you have the same opinion, so that's good.

Short term, I would let this doctor continue to adjust your medication toward his goal of TSH at the level of 2.  No harm in that, plus it should help your symptoms.  While this is going on you will have time  to find that good thyroid doctor you need, that will treat your symptoms. By the way that doesn't have to be an Endo, just a good thyroid doctor.  One way might be to post a new message soliciting Private Messages from any members with a recommendations for a good thyroid doctor in your area.  If that doesn't work, we have other ways also.
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I feel ya on the lifting weight part.  Im at a TSH of 2.0 and i still cant loose the fat i put on while going hypo.  But the worst part is the joint pain and the slow gains.  
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