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Newbie, Hello & some Symptoms

I have been to the doctors again about my heart racing, and generally fast Heartbeat, sometimes up to 120-130bpm plus some other symptoms, most noteably
Light headedness, slight dizziness, but just a general 'fog' accompanied by feelings in the head (not headaches or pain) but little bursts of movement in my forehead etc.

He gave me a stronger dose of Bisoprolol Fumarate to calm the heart palpitations, and booked me in for some Blood Tests again

I seemed to have had a fast heart-rate in the past few years, which I thought was normal (I have a fast metabolism) but Doctors may think otherwise.

Heart Monitors, tests, scans, blood pressure, all completely normal.

I have had a very small history maybe of dizziness, maybe slight vertigo. When I say small, I mean maybe once every 10 years?

Very lightheadedness, almost about to faint, which causes vomiting (in public), have blacked out before for about 5 seconds? and come round.

So not so much worried, as embarrassed if this happens in a public space.

But after coming back from my GP, and him mentioning Thyroid, I am now just wondering if this could be the cause?
My symptoms for as long as I can rememeber, are these.

Tiredness - and 'looking tired' all the time / could fall asleep on Sofa at the drop of a hat, can never seem to get enough sleep and everything is an effort. Doctor put this down to potential fast heart rate??

Bloodshot / redness / tiredness of the eyes. Do get quite a good average nights sleep though...

Lightheadedness, 'foggy' outlook, everything a bit 'slow' with some feelings in the head (not really headache)

Irritable / no patience / moody

Slight change of Bowel Movement

Bleeding Gums when brushing teeth, which I never really had?

Throat pressure / Choking? - Choked at restuarant recently in public, even though I wasn't sure I was actually 'choking' at the time? Couldn't really work this one out and thought it was un-related, and maybe a panic attack (something you wouldn't associate with me at all).

So from these symptoms, could this be a Thyroid problem?

I have just looked up the symptoms (as my GP mentioned it) and they all seemed to fit (heart rate, tired, throat choking, moody, irritable) but especially when I saw a symptoms video of what I thought was unrelated 'throat restriction / blocking'.

I honestly thought this was a panic attack? Which I have never thought of, let alone suffered from.

But even now in bed, relaxed, or at home, I can feel a pressure on my throat / swallowing?

So at this current time, all i am on is to finish a course of Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5mg per day, and take some bloods for tests.

Any thoughts as a second opinion would be welcome, so I can go back and try and sort this out once and for all.
Thank you.
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I experience some of the issues you have, but the throat swelling up at least for me is I have some slight food allergies very mild ones but they make my throat swell slightly like I am breathing through a straw. For me I just stay away from kiwi certain cereals maybe you have the same keep track of what you are eating when it happens. Also if it's a bad reaction make sure to have Benadryl on hand. I haven't had one in years but I stay away from the bothersome foods. Also your symptoms sound like mine I have hypothyroid (low) and my doctor prescribes me levoxothine (t-4) and ambian. Levoxothine helps me so I am not sleepy mid day but then I can't fall asleep at night so I take ambian. The bleeding gums just sound like a mild case of gingivitis I dip my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide to get it wet then dip it in arm and hammer baking soda it makes you teeth really white gets rid of bleeding gums and makes your mouth feel like you just left the dentist. They make a toothpaste but it doesn't work half as good. I use reg toothpaste too when I get tired of the other.. The tiredness will never completely go away it will be better or worse depending on the day.
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