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Hello all,
I am emotionally torn apart!
I have spent the last week in pure agony!  I have several tumors, one in my thyroid region and one in my ovary.  A while back, I was referred to nuclear medicine for a tyroid uptake scan.  I started to get testy a little because they had me waiting for my appointment in the waiting area forever.  I was told I just had to come register, take a pill and come back the next day, fifteen minutes max. I had my four year old with me, on the way to daycare and I jammed back scedule at work.  I had blocked off two hours for this appointment but spent most the time in the waiting area.  The tech called me back and handed me a piece of paper, I glanced at it and said what is this..he said nothing, insurance stuff and consent to procdure.  He apologized for the delay and I said, ok, what is this pill your giving me and are there risk now, or future. In a nutshell, he said it was no big deal, like having a x-ray and it allows them to take pictures.  I took it and was on my way.  Now, mind you, if I had known the diar risks with pregnancy, I would have taken a trillion pregnancy test and demanded blood work done before they gave me that pill.  Flash forward, I went in for a pre-op to remove a dermoid cycst and a routine urine samples indicated I am pregnant! My OB scrolled through my records and seemed very upset that they did not give me a pregnancy test.  Since my period is irregular and it took years to conceive with my four year old, I always say I dont know if asked if i am pregant..cause who really knows? I am an educated person. However, I am not a doctor and trust them to do what is best for me and trust them with my care.  He did not ask me if I was pregnant. I am so upset because now they are telling me to teminate and that my child may be born with special needs or still born.  I am sick about it.  I am not the most fertile person and I feel blessed to have this baby in me and now, I may either miscarry or am advise not to continue the pregnancy!!  It seems since this medicine is so dangerous to a fetus, they should educate you during the visit and at the very least do a pregnancy test.  I have had people who work there contact me and this has happened before, even to their staff, from them just rushing through.  I want this baby and love it, but am having anxiety because i dont want to get my heart broken/ On top of it, my husband is implying I should listen to the doctors. Why would they not assure I am not pregnant before giving my fetus this poison?

What are my babies chances? I am praying and have faith....has anyone ever gone through this?  Can we mandate feds to enforce preg checks before administering this drug?  do I have to live in fear the entire preg? Basically, what affects does radiation have on a develping fetus?  Thank you in advance for your time and advice
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Your OB will want to watch the baby for thyroid problems.  The RAI would affect your thyroid and the baby's.  You need to talk to neonatologist and, personally, if it was me a good attorney.

I had both of my ovaries surgically removed and they made me take a pregnancy test every time.  It was maddening but they said it is hospital policy and if I wanted the RAI I had to have the test.  Three people checked the results of my pregnancy test every time before my treatments or scan doses - the admitting clerk, the nuclear medicine MD, and the nuclear tech.

That hospital is responsible for any tests or treatments that your baby may have throughout its life related to the RAI.  You really, really need to speak with an attorney and a neonatologist.  I'd also contact the organization that accredits the hospital you were at (usually JCAHO - http://www.jointcommission.org) and file a formal complaint.  The hospital *MUST* also report this to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.   http://www.umdnj.edu/orssweb/choice.htm

I have a feeling that the medical "experts" may be pushing you towards termination to cover their a$$!  

Contact a *good* malpractice attorney and find a neonatologist who is NOT associated with that hospital.

Don't jump to termination (you still have time to cross that bridge if medically necessary) - there may be many more options out there.  You are getting a very biased, one sided opinion because that hospital is realizing between you and your baby's care, the fines and fees, and possible loss of accreditation they may be looking at HUGE $$$$ problems.

I'm so sorry that they put you through this but they messed up and they need to take responsibility for the health of your baby!  
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I agree with utahmomma. Do not panic at this stage and definately get a lawyer and a neonatologist outside of the one that is attached to this hospital. I would also make the enquiries myself to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission just to know what your problems are now and can be in the future.
I think the important thing is to move quickly and have all your basis covered in the above so that should you have to make a decision you will be fully informed and not just pushed through the system to cover their mistake.
So sorry and will be following you and here for any support along with all these wonderful people so do not hesitate to post with any fears or if you just need a sounding board.
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This is absolute malpratice and shotty work. Get all the names of the people you were in contact with = especially that person who gave you the pill.

Your case is unacceptable and needs legal action. AND who ordered the RAI? they should of listed clear instructions prior to the RAI.
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I am so sorry this is happening in your life right now ... so sorry.  What a terrible ordeal.

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I am speechless.  You definitely need to find a malpractice lawyer.  As others have said i was asked about 5000 times if I was pregnant before the RAI was administered and given a pregnancy test the Monday before my treatment.  Completely horrified that they did this to you.

Please keep us posted about what happens.

Lots of love sending your way to you and your precious baby.
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Kyzar, I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.

I am in agreement with the others on contacting a good malpractice attorney. Please take my advice and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, while it is still fresh on your mind. Save ALL printouts or orders for treatment, statements, etc., and if they failed to give you documentation on all this, ask for it, now.

I was, unfortunately, forced to bring litigation against my (former) obgyn for a major surgical slip-up that nearly killed me and left me with some permanent disabilities (long story...total nightmare...I won't frighten anyone here with the details). Turns out my obgyn, who really, truly is an honorable man, wanted, from the beginning, to do the right thing, financially, but his malpractice insurance fought it, so it went to court. My obgyn ended up having to hire his OWN attorney to fight his OWN insurance company, to compell them to do the right thing. Bizarre situation. The insurance co. ended up settling out of court, on the LAST DAY of trial (after they realized the jury was about to find in our favor), but we were very glad we had an excellent attorney who had attention to detail. He had us journal EVERYTHING.

You may decide not to even bother pursuing litigation, but, if, later on, you decide to, you'll regret not having a paper trail. The malpractice insurance companies are ruthless, and they will take advantage of any lapse in memory or documentation you have.

I am praying for God to intervene for you and the baby, and that everything, from now to delivery to this child's high school graduation to his/her golden years, is absolutely perfect.
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The most dangerous place for anyone is a hospital!

The statistics for this type of incompetence has gotten out of control-
I've been unfortunate in meeting up with some unscrupulous medical
professionals myself but at least it is nothing in comparison to endangering
a life yet to be.

Since Kyzar has not returned to this forum - we are all left to ponder what
she decided to do.
I will pray that she can even afford an attorney- who are just as  bad as
bad doctors at times. If you can't pay - they aren't interested.

Let's hope we find out what is going on here
Prayers are sent for a good outcome.

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