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PTH, Calcium, and Alkaline Phosphatase all high. What does that mean?

I have abnormally elevated PTH, Calcium, and Alkaline Phosphatase levels. And low vitamin D. My PTH intact is 298, my calcium 13.7 mg/dl my alkaline phosphate is 128 U/L . I am in my early 20's. I'm average weight and body type. Female. I have no symptoms. In general I feel fine. Minor muscle aches and weakness but nothing that raised a red flag for me. I was just recently told I certainly have hyperparathyroidism and at least One parathyroid tumor that needs to be removed but my doc says my blood work numbers don't add up. And because of my age and lack of strong symptoms there may be a secondary cause. My doc said to me point blank "you have very strange blood." Why? What does this all mean? Any tips?
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Primary hyperparathyroidism as both your calcium and PTH is on abnormally high. PTH needs to get reduced when calcium is high.

Your calcium level is very high and in emergency situation so don't delay.
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Please do this blood test too at same time for confirming it and whether high calcium is due to some other reason.

Serum Calcium
Serum Phosphorus
Vitamin D3 (25-hydroxy Vitamin D3)
Serum Creatinine
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Whats you Vitamin D3 level and also serum phoshporus value when you took serum calcium test. If not lease do these together.

Serum Phosphprus
Serum Calcium
Vitamin D3
Serum Creatinine
Thanks for your time. I have taken a couple different blood work panels already as my doctor was convinced my numbers just couldn't be correct. But everything came back the same twice now.

I don't know what "serum" means but my vitamin D 25-OH is 21
My creatinine was 0.83 then 0.92

What's the difference between calcium and serum calcium? Because I don't have any results that have the word "serum" in them. But my PTH, calcium, and alkaline Phosphatase have all come back the same twice.
Serum simply means blood, used generally to distinguish between urine and blood calcium, phosphorus and other things.

You actually took the serum calcium and its enough.

From your result it is evident that you have some PTH gland dysfunction as your PTH value is abnormally high with a very high calcium level and its not due to kidney disease.

Anyway if you are doing blood test again please check phosphorus, calcium and PTH together.

This high calcium level can create various complications and suggest you to change doctor as current one is not taking it serious.
Oh, I see. You can tell I've never had any health issues before. All this new lingo is confusing lol. I already told you my calcium and PTH levels. I'm not planning on taking those again.
Is phosphorus different from alkaline Phosphatase?
These are my final results. Please, if you have any insight advise me - what is so strange about my blood levels? I'm discouraged. No one has an answer and my doctor is good and kind but she doesn't seem to have seen my levels before. She had me take another blood test recently that had to do with genetic mutation. I'll let you know what that reveals in a few days. Thanks anyways for your time.
Serum phosphorus is different from Alkaline phosphatase. An elevated akaline phosphatase means some kind of bone remodeling is taking place.

If you are planning to take phosphorus test then do the three together as one alone no use.


From your posted results its evident that you have hyperparathyroidism and currently the only cure is by surgery to remove the overactive gland.
I will talk to my doctor as I'm sure many more blood tests are in my future. Thank you for your time! I appreciate it
If you have done that phosphorus test along with others mentioned please post that result here as others would benefit mainly to find a relation with phosphorus and PTH due to primary hyperparathyroidism.

Phosphorus and calcium tests are relatively simple blood test which most do while PTH very rare, so if there is a relation between Phosphorus and PTH values it would be easy for people to detect it early.
My wife aged 45, did a blood test today and her PTH was 200, her Calcium was 12.7, Alkaline phosphate 190, Phosphorous 3 and Vit D - 32. High PTH, Alkaline phosphorous and Calcium is indicative of what, can someone please advise
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I'd say that those results are indicative of hyperparathyroidism, which is highly treatable, and with fast improvement.  You can get some good info from this link.  

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