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Paralized Vocal Cords after Thryroid Surgery.. HELP

I had a complete TT on Feb.3.. And am done with RAI.. For now anyway.. I still don't have anymore that a whisper for a voice.. I saw an ENT specalist and he and 5 othere ENT's agree with my vocal cords are paralized and that it would be very rare for them to work again.. They say I am lucky, because after surgery my vocal cords are open about the size of a straw and that is what I have to breath through.. I choke on liquids daily to the point of vomiting, I cough most of the night.. Last night, I chocked on a piece of meat, it was the most scarey time I have had !!!
Has anyone else had this happen to them ?? And what about the coughing any ideas? I have elevated my bed 6 inches.. I run out of breath just whispering and doing anything at all is hard..Someone please help me ...
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Oh My.. You poor thing. What a awful thing to have happened. I wouldn't give up though it's still early.. I knew of someone who regained her voice 6 mons later after surgery. I know Doctor's are NOT always right!!! I will keep you in my prayers believing your cords will heal!!!
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wow, who would think something like that might occur!  my thoughts are with you as you struggle through this.

as was said previously, those docs are not always right, so it just may surprise all and get better!
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Hi, I too had the same surgery and 1 day after you, I also have the similar voice problems. I talked to my doctor and he told me some people are not able to talk at all after this surgery and it could take up to 6 months for things to work. Yes it is fustrating but I did some research and found out if you go to a larynx specialist he can tell you what the problem is and in most cases it is easy to fix. There is a lazer surgery that will help to get things in place and working.  So don't give up. If I am not better in that 6 month period I will go to a larynx specialist too.   Good luck and God bless   chickamin Also, with the breathing problems its hard but to sleep I use two pillows to keep head up and although fustrating I just try to not over do things even though That isn't much at times.
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