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Parathyroid Adenoma & facial/neck pain Question


I've tonight found images showing the parathyroid gland, having searched for an answer to a recurring & extremely painful face & neck, hence why I am here asking questions

The first time this happened I was diagnosed in A&E as a "probable lymph node infection, very rare & it was pressing on the Trigeminal nerve" & given antibiotics & told to take anti inflamitaries, use ice packs etc......this helped, but not completely & it keeps coming back, the pain is unbearable & even morphine doesn't stop it.

I have the "sensation" of a large lump up under my jaw bone, midway to my ear,..moving my head to that side, can have it feel as if it "catches" & is exremely painful.. nothing there to feel though..... if I push on the left side near my trachea & thyroid gland, to the right, I can "push out"  what feels like a walnut sized hard lump on the right side..., ....nothing on the left....its very very painful & sometimes pulsates.........all of this seems to press on nerves leaving me with numbness, cold & tingling in that side of my face, & feeling as if I have rats knawing up to my ear, accross cheekbone, behind eye, along jaw, toothache moving around that side of my face, also coldness, feeling of "fullness" & some pain in my ear & neck   ,,,,I hope that makes sense :-/

I'm on antibiotics again, though my GP said my glands were generally a little enlarged, that side 1 was no worse, but gave me antibiotics based on them seeming to have worked before.

I have other diagosis, of Fibromyalgia, M.E (CFS?) Sinus Disease, Chronic persistent headache, & Chronic Migraine, & waiting for results from nuclear heart stress tests, (bad reaction to stress part of test) &  Heart Dr indicated he was concerned having listened did BP checks etc & put me on an angina spray, I also have high BP diagnosis, which seems 1 minute to be under control with drug, & then not.....hospital checked & said I need to see GP as Meds not working...I see GP & they are??

Okay, trying to google for answers as I just don't see how I can have a "rare" infection keep coming back every time I over do things or get stressed, try & find exactly WHAT sits where I can feel the lump behind my thyroid, & there exactly is the Parathyroid gland..........reading on the "parathyroid.com" site its like "URIKA" ....I'm looking for answers to what I presume & my Doctor treats as a totally separate problem & I can tick pretty much EVERY symptom box, bar hair loss, & reading around I see more & more that I deal with daily...........also it has been mentioned to me a couple of times during surgery that they noticed I can "elevated blood calcium" & during an op to drain septiceamia in my hand many years back, that I had "calcium deposits on the bone", but its never been followed up with GP, & I didn't really know what it might mean until tonight

Reading though, I can see no mention of a Parathyroid Adenoma causing severe pain, or pressing on facial/neck nerves......would anyone know if this can/does happen????

I appologise if this is a bit of a ramble, only able to cope right now with heavy duty pain drugs so I hope this makes sense, sound mad, but this could be the answer to my prayers

hank you
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Should of added, I'm female & 49, took more ill nearly 8 yr ago, but lot of health issues prior to that but could still function & hold down a high pressure & very full on career, can't any more
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Anyone PLEASE????????
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Have you gotten any answers from the doctor? I have similar symptoms. I have a palpable lump in my throat that hurts and some facial/chin numbness sensations. I've wondered if it was a parathyroid adenoma pressing on the trigeminal nerve, also.
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No sorry not yet, & really sorry you are dealing with it too, it HURTS  :(

my ENT scan will take a little while to come through & I'm seeing my GP today to arrange the blood tests she was on holiday ... & as I was on antibiotics again for the same problem I knew another GP wouldn't do anything until I'd finished the course....in fairness the antibiotics do seem to help a bit, but never completely, which is weird in itself??

Interesting you are having the same problem & also ended up looking at Parathyroid problems to though...though the trigeminal nerve problems I'm dealing with are more than numbness & tingling, but knawing grating  electric shock pain along my cheek bone, down to my ear & behind my eye....

I do have the same numbness & tingling as you describe, but it was the pain pattern that prompted the hospital A&E to diagnose pressure on trigeminal nerve, though GP has said there are "nerve junctions" in that area of the neck, which can mean pain/numbness etc can be anywhere in that area??

I've been reading  up on this, still not found anything that says the adenoma itself can actually be painful,  but have found articles saying it can cause the numbness/tingling you describe, but sorry can't post links as just can't remember where I read them....been a long hard few weeks...lol

hope you get some answers, I will update if I do

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I went back to the ENT, and it doesn't look like my pain is coming from a parathyroid adenoma. The lump I feel is some thyroid tissue, and the thyroid is growing around my trachea pressing on it. I do wonder, though, if it's pressing on some nerves and causing the other sensations. Luckily mine aren't shooting and don't sound as severe as your symptoms. Good luck!
I am very sorry you are experiencing this pain. I had severe neck pain with no GI symptoms but 4 different ENTs kept scoping me and claiming I had reflux esophagitis. This was the WRONG diagnosis.After 2 years of agonizing pain ,I had a thyroidectomy as I developed a nodule in my thyroid. I had been treated for hypothyroidism for many years prior to this. It turned out I had thyroid cancer but unfortunately the ENT performing the surgery left swollen lymph nodes and an inflamed parathyroid gland in my neck. Find a good endocrinologist because the thyroid tissue should not be painful. Perhaps you have autoimmune thyroiditis that is treatable with medication. Stay away from ENTs who dont help you. And remember parathyroid disease is very hard to diagnose sometimes so ask your endocrinologist about that too. Good luck to you.
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Hi Huscop

Thank you

Turns out mine isn't either,

but it seems the ENT specialist has found the answer - my recent & more indepth CT scan showed up that I have part of an old dental root/nerve still embedded in my jaw, left behind from a wisdom tooth infection many many years ago - with hindsight removed not long before all my sinus problems started - Dr thinks it looks like a pocket of infection, which keeps flaring up if I'm run down, probably the root cause both sinus infections AND this lymph gland infection - my lump turned out to be a very enlarged lymph gland

I've been passed over to a different type of specialist - Macular?? or something similar sounding - one who deals with extreme dental/jaw surgery ENT specialist is hopeful that surgery to drain & remove the tooth part, will solve all my problems.

Hoping there might be something her that is of help to you too - good luck
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Sorry- should read  infected wisdom tooth EXTRACTION -
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