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Parathyroid symptoms

I'm a 48 year old female with hyperparathyroidism.
My calcium level is at a 11.7.
I have been having multiple kidneystones, bone and joint pain.
What I would like to know if anyone with the same disease also experiences the following: neck pain and shoulder pain and a chronic sore throat? I can not seem to find any literature on the last few symptoms and am worried there might be something else wrong...
Tnx in advance for reading this.
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Have you checked out the website www.parathyroid.com?  I think you will find just about all the information available on parathyroid issues on that site.  It's my understanding that parathyroid issues can affect any/all parts of the body.
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I had all of the above! Had surgery 2 months ago and feel so much better!
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