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I am having a parathyroidectomy on Friday, can anyone tell me what to expect after the surgery?
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I have had two lobectomies, both were pretty easy surgeries and easy recovery.  I was up walking a mile or two within a few days.  No real pain.  Hope it goes well.
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Thanks for that, I am rather nervous of having it done, especially as I don't know how many are being removed. How were you before having the operation?
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I had the surgery in 2007 to remove 1 parathyroid gland and it was a very easy surgery. Surgeon was done in less than 10 minutes. I went home within a couple of hours. Very very mild pain. Took tylenol even though stronger meds were prescribed. I put cocoa butter and vitamin E on my incision and you cannot even see it!  Go get the cocoa butter in a stick. It is usually in the African American hair care products section.  Do not worry at all....you will be fine.  Make sure you take your calcium supplements after the surgery.....Best of Luck!   liz
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