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Is the Parotid Gland part of the endocrine system?
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If you mean the salivary glands, no they aren't.
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I've just looked at another post of yours and I think you mean Parathyroid Glands. These are the ones which regulate calcium.  In which case, YES, they are part of the endocrine system.
I think many people get confused with the names of the glands as may be in your case.

Parotid are saliva glands which are all around the mouth and under the tongue
Parathyroid glands have nothing to do with the thyroid, regardless of the name, but sit ON the thyroid. Typically there are 4 of them on each corner of the thyroid.

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No, I meant Parotid.  And it is a salivary gland but it is not in your mouth or under your tounge..It is a triangular shaped gland that is in front of each ear. It is entirely outside of the mouth.   Every facial muscle runs directly thru them.I know a little abou them I just  did not know if they where anyway part of the endocrine system since they are glands.  silly me!!It was just a thought I had.
I do appreciate you responding and helping.  It is so nice to know that there are people out there helping others.  Thanks Aussie!!
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