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Poll: Weight Gain/Loss

I have gained 20 lbs since being on medication for Grave's Disease.  I am having my thyroid out (TT) soon.  Has anyone who has had this procedure lost weight after the surgery and synthroid medication or am I in for more weight gain?


Should I schedule Lap Band Surgery at the same time as my TT? haha
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Wow, me again!!  I gained back about 15 pounds within 4 weeks of starting Tapazole (an anti thyroid drug).  I was loving the 25 pounds I had lost before I was diagnosed (I ignored my symptoms for months) - ate everything in sight and was losing weight, I should have known it was too good to be true.  Anyway, they fixed my metabolism long before my apetite turned off.  And, I think I went a little hypo after a few weeks on the tapazole.  

I was able to lose some weight the winter following my TT while on synthroid - started taking an aerobics class and eating better.  However, I haven't been able to keep it off, I think more because of 3 other surgeries (I have had orbital decompression and eyelid surgery for Graves Eye Disease, with a bonus sinus surgery thrown in for good measure!) and several rounds of prednisone for sinus problems.  I am going to try again to shed a few pounds now that spring is here.

While I like to blame my lack of thyroid for weight gain, deep down I know it is 90% me not being motivated to exercise or eat properly.  However, blaming my thyroid-less state sure feels better!
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I am exactly the same pre-post surgery (pre-post synthroid) actually I have less appetite on synthroid and my TSH is 1.3 vs. 2.8 normal for me w/o meds.

Gained 25lbs in a year (2 yrs ago) ........no apparent reason.

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I actually lost about 20lbs after TT and kept it off. That being said 5 lbs of it have come back on from going hypo for second RAI. So that's my 2 cents. I'd wait it out.
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i had my thyroid removed almost 2 years ago before that i put on about 3 stone but have been stable since though cant lose anything  maybe if medication is right then you will lose some but being hypo most seem stuck with the weight wish it wasnt true though
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Thanks to all who go to back to me.  I guess putting on weight to feel better is all part of the thyroid no matter what you do.  I am pushing my TT off to July. I want to see how I do on a very small dose of Tapazole before going through with the procedure.  Yesterday I felt great.  I had no headaches and some energy.  I actaully made dinner and hung out with family.  Hopefully it's an upswing.  If I feel better I am more likely to work-out.  Thanks again.

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