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I have been diagnosed with Graves and Hyper... I can usually feel if my thyroid is out
of wack, and do get tested about every 6 mths with my levels staying pretty on que. However, I
still have times when I feel like I am gonna pull my hair out. Everyone always looks at me like I am a crazy
person, and obliviously feels that I am overacting.. If my thyroid levels are good, is this still normal?

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No, that's not normal... "Normal" or "good" thyroid levels are not the same as optimal, so if you're still having these feelings, you might possibly need adjustment in your meds.  

If you'll post your actual thyroid hormone levels, with reference ranges we can take a look and see if you might need some adjustment.

Be sure to post your med(s) and dosage(s), as well.
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Are you on any other medications or were you? I know before I was diagnosed with Graves, I was given everything. Wellbutrin, Prozac, Xanax, Adderall It was insane. I'm glad I never took any for very long, but antidepressants can alter brain chemistry if discontinued too rapidly or if you are still taking them and obviously don't need them because the imbalance was hormonal not neural-chemical.

are all your levels being checked every 6 months? fT3, fT4, and TSH?  Or just TSH? (Bad little habit physician fall into)

Because when my TSH alone says normal, I feel hypo and tell them so but they won't increase my dose, so I did it on my own. Next test, TSH is low and out of range, but My fT3 and fT4 are perfect. If they went by TSH alone, they'd screw me up by lowering my  levo dose even more. (Then I'd really get ragey!! You should have seen me when they lowered it to 75. I could have murdered someone!)

I finally explained/convinced them that 112 is exactly the dose I need to be at. TBH i'm looking for a new Primary Care. But since I got my 112 wish, it's been the best year of my life!! I'm calm. Focused, caring, attentive, creative, artistic!!. My thoughts no longer look soley at "me me me, my feelings, my pain, my discomfort," yeeeech.

/big sigh of relief.

I also supplement with high quality magnesium and 5000iu Vit D3, and Omega 3 fatty acids with 2000mg EPA & DHA. These soothe the brain like no other!
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