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Recent Blood Draw & Hypothyroid symptoms

I am a 64 year old male in good health (other than successfully treated hemochromatosis).  Recently as part of a routine annual physical exam, I suggested to my doctor that I have my thyroid tested.  I had never had it tested before, and because during the previous week I had been tired lately, felt chilly in the evening, had joint aches and pains, I thought perhaps my thyroid might be low.  I had no other symptoms.  Well, my test results came back yesterday showing that I do have a slight hypothyroid condition.  Since then I have been second guessing myself:  I note that joint pain is something that I've had for years and is typical with hemochromatosis; I wondered if my fatique may have been due to a recent therapeutic phebotomy and work stress; etc.  Now before I go on a lifetime medication routine, I want to make sure that I indeed do have hypothyroidism.  

Specifically what I want to know if having a large blood draw several days before the thyroid test draw could affect the thyroid levels in my blood?  As part of my routine hemochomatosis treatment, I had therapeutic phebotomy, with a whole unit of blood drawn.  This was done 4 days before I had the sample of blood drawn form my thyroid test.  Could this relatively large quantity of blood drawn in my therapeutic pheblotomy had an effect on the thyroid levels in my blood 4 days later?  Should I have the thyroid test take again in about a month or so?


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Blood is blood and taking large amount should not effect any test.

Usually slight hypothyroid would not need treatment.  But it would be a matter of what is considered slight and who is considering it slight.

Good luck and Happy Holidays  -

My information is from reading material gathered from reputable sources, my 20 years of personal experience and as a thyroid patient.

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The phlebotomy wouldn't effect your thyroid tests. I would repeat tests again in 1-3 months to confirm the results. Did you have just TSH, or also free t3/4, antibodies?

Hemochromatosis is asscoiated with hypothyroidsim, so it is possible to have both. Especially since you have new symptoms and the hemochromatosis is being sucessfully treated. You were very astuteu to ask for the throid test.

Here is a reference from The Archives of Internal Medicine:

The frequency of thyroid disorders in men with hemochromatosis is about 80 times that of men in the general population.

Hope this helps in your decision.
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