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Recommend a Doctor Pls

Hi,  I've posted here a while ago.  39 year old female, long history of fatigue, sensitivity to cold, weigh loss, etc.

Here are my labs

TSH Lab range - 3 - 0.3 - my result = 0.65
Free T4 Lab range 1.8 - 0.8 my result = 1.1
Free T3 Lab range 4.2 - 2.3 my result = 2.5

I know I am most likely hypothyroid.  I've been struggling to find a doctor that will treat me by my symptoms and not just by lab values.

I'm in Charleston SC.  In the past six months I've seen two endocrinologists.  One told me my labs are "normal", and the other one gave me medication for hyperthyroidism that made me even worse.

I've gone on healthgrades to read reviews on doctors.  There was only one endo in my area that was rated pretty high.  I called and made an appointment.  He's about an hour's drive away and his next available appointment is June 1st.

I've found a few highly rated doctors in my area that treat hypothyroidism and don't go just by TSH, but they don't take insurance.  I will try and hold out till I can see this endo in June, but I was posting to see if anyone could recommend a doctor in my area that also takes insurance?   Thanks in advance.
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I just sent you a PM with info.  To access, just click on your name and then from your personal page, click on messages.  
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