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Recurrent papillary thyroid cancer

Hello everyone, just joined the community this evening.  I am 28 years old- tomorrow actually- and had a TT February of 09 and RAI in June.  I recently had a thyroglobulin level of 4.9 and last week it was 6.6.  I had a negative result today from my total body scan but had two injections of thyrogin this week to take another thyroglobulin test today... I'm wondering if another RAI treatment would be the best option for my situation, especially if my thyroglobulin levels come back even higher than 6.6.  Thank so much in advance.  PS- I don't think it's related, but I have had Type 1 diabetes since I was 8.  KP
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Hi utahmomma  

I had a pre ablative thyroglobulin level of 90 after throidectomy.  Two months after ablative iodine therapy, it wa 1.8.  Now 7 month after therapy it was 2.4.  I am to have a thyrogen stimulation test in December.  Is the 2.4 concerning 7 moths after therapy
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Happy birthday tomorrow!

As you know (because you are asking) - the thyroglobulin levels are way too high for someone who has had an RAI treatment.  The goal is "undetectable" but my endo will order RAI if there is an increasing trend (like you have) or a level above 2 (for post RAI patients).

If your level of 6.6 was after the thyrogen shots then it's not a good "trend" level because thyrogen shots always increase the thyroglobulin levels.  However, the 4.9 is way too high.

Whole body scans are NOT as sensitive as thyroglobulin levels - especially if the cells are spread out and still "microcancer" size.

Talk to your endo - I know mine would be on the phone scheduling another "treatment dose" (not scan dose) right now if it was me.

Best of everything

papillary carcinoma '03, second surgery '04, recurrence and RAI '06
three sisters with papillary carcinoma (one with three recurrences/RAI)
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