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Scared to do Radioactive Iodine therapy

I have been researching on this site and others. I’m scared to do the RAI because
Use it destroys part or all of the thyroid. Reading about the side effects of both medications for Hyperthyroidsm and hypothyroidism, I don’t know what would be better. I worry about the side effects of the RAI like swelling, sore throat, teeth and eyes changing, heart burn, heart problems, sun exposure, sex drive, WEIGHT GAIN, not tasting food, throat not feeling normal (inside and out), causing high blood pressure. Needing to take calcium and vit D pills daily. What will do to my diabetes?
But if I don’t do the RAI, my husband will suffer. I have been yelling at him and our daughter for years. I feel bi-polar. The rages, nervousness, decrease in motivation, sleep disturbances I still have. I don’t have sweats to much at night. No more tremors, heart palpitations. Never had a problem with hair loss. I already have a problem with weight gain.
Plus at my age, I’m going though menopause, so some of these could be that.
I don’t have Graves. I have one hot nodule that is over active. So the thyroid is not making much hormones.
I just need some of your experiences so I can decide what is best. I will be going for a 2nd doctor soon.
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It would be helpful if you could post your current thyroid hormone values, with their corresponding reference ranges so we can see exactly what you're dealing with.  

Have you tried anti-thyroid medication and if so, did it help at all?  

Have you considered having the part of your thyroid removed where the nodule resides instead of having RAI?
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