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Should I be treated for hypothyroidism?

I was recently tested twice and found to have sub-clinical hypothyroidism. The first test showed a TSH of 9.6 and a FT4 of .69. Three months later the TSH was 7.9 and the FT4 was .65 without taking any medication. During that time, I cut out soy products, upped iodine intake, and cut down on beer intake. My doctor has prescribed 75 mcg of Synthroid, but I am worried about getting stuck with a life long prescription if a lifestyle change might do the trick. Would cutting alcohol or another dietary change completely help with fixing the TSH level? I am a non-smoker and get regular exercise. I do have a high triglyceride count (292) and low HDL count (32). The question is: should I take the prescription or is there hope that a dietary/lifestyle change might work?
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I forgot to mention that the first follow-up appointment would be in 6 months, which from what I read is a long time when first going on Synthroid.

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I think part of it has to do with the reason why you were sublicnical to begin wtih ?? but I'm not a Dr.

I was subclinical and ended up on Synthorid and feel better withe the med than my own nat'l hormone .. GO FIGURE!

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