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Should I get a second opinion? Please Help.


I recently went to see my primary Dr. because of symptoms I was having. I am experiencing hair loss, weight gain, achy joints, fatigue and depression. He decided to run numerous tests, some of these being thyroid tests. When I went today to get the results he just quickly looked over the paper and said it all looked normal with the exception of my cholesterol. He didn't look at individual results; just what stuck out in bold.

He gave me a copy and now that I have looked it over I'm a little curious about the results. I would really like someone with a little more knowledge than myself to help.
All the thyroid results fall within the "normal" range but are on the high/low side of normal. These are my labs and my labs "normal" levels.

Cholesterol 273  normal <200
TSH 3.27            (0.34-5.60)
T3 Uptake 38.7    (32.0-48.4)
T4 Thyroxine 6.5  (5.3-11.5)

There were a few other things that were a little low like potassium and MVP with my CBC w/diff but I have no idea what MVP is.
Are these results normal? Is there a reason that I feel the way I do? Is it worth getting a second opinion from a different Dr.?

If it's anything like getting PCOS diagnosed I now that not all drs will consider "normal result" a problem. I've delt with that before.

Thank you so very much for your insight.


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although they look normal the tsh is a bit high a lot of people feel ill at that level and are better at under 2 or nearer 1 maybe you should get you thyroid antibodies checked or see if they will give you a low dose of thyroxine so see if it helps also did you have ferretin levels checked if you get no luck maybe try a different doc if you can
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Thank you so much for response, and the info. It's a huge help. I guess I should consult an Endo?? That would probably be my best bet BUT, we are lacking in the endo department here in RI. I'll have to check the CT area as I'm right on the line.
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No your really do not need an endo right now.  In my opinion.

What I would do is call your office and tell the doc reading your tests that the AACE has a range of .3 to 3.0 as a Normal TSH level -

BUT most patients feel very symptomatic (as you do ) if they are not at or about near the TSH of 1.0

Your Free T3 is LOW - so you WILL suffer symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Tell your doctor that you want to try and lower this TSH and increase the FT3 and SEE if you feel better.

He IS a doctor and wants his patients to feel well -- doesn't he?

If he really ticked me off I would add that a TSH reading is really useless since it is a pitutary issue communicating with the thyroid to produce hormones AND I would say that the FREE T3 is REALLY the level he needs to look at to see IF you are symptom free or NOT.

Simply -- you are subclinical hypothyroid and need attention medically right now.

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As I've recommended numerous times on this board, please check your basal body temp. as compared to Dr. Broda Barnes recommended range of 97.8- 98.2.  This will confirm further your symptoms and provide further ammo to press for help.
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Thank you so much for all of this info. I'm glad I'm not crazy, I really knew something was going on and he just offered the copy of my blood work so I've looked it over. I obviously did my own research because I know when I was trying to get diagnosed with PCOS that my blood work clearly showed I had; most doctors pushed me away and told me they were "normal" INCLUDING an Endo! After about 5 different docs I got my DX.

My doc is very understanding but I just feel strange telling him how to do HIS job :) He would probably be completely receptive to it though. Either way I have been calling all day to try and find a Endo somewhat cost to me and I may have found a center about 15 mins away! I called but they kept me on hold for about 10 mins, so I figure I call tomorrow in the morning.
I really hope whichever Endo I get is up to date on the new AACE range!!! It would be horrible if they weren't :(
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I've never heard of the BBT thing for helping DX Thyroid problems, I do happen to know what my regular BBT is on days 2-5 of my cycle though. I had a long road with infertility and I do keep record of my temps in the morning. My oral BBT is usually around 97.57, I know it's supposed to be checked aux according to Dr. Broda Barnes. I would assume that would be even lower than my normal oral reading!  Amazing!!!

Thanks for that tid bit of info!
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You might have some luck finding a good Dr. or endo by looking up the top thyroid doctors site.  It lists by state and city those doctors who are considered to be in this category.  here is the site.          
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An update on me.

Thank you for all the info. I didn't have any luck finding a doc within reasonable distance to me with the thyroid-info site. I did go see my old Endo though. I ended up lashing it out with him, he is a stubborn jerk.
Anyway, I had him look at the results and he said they were "perfect" and there was no problem at alll with the numbers. I asked him if there were anyother tests he could do and he said "no, there is nothing else that can be done to check the function of your thyroid". Which I know isn't true. I then asked him what my TSH would have to be for him to consider it abnormal he said 7 or 8!  He was only worried about the cholesterol. I'm never going back to him.

I talked to my primary Dr. about it and he too said the results were normal. Even after I told him that they are now considering anything about 3 treatable.

I'm so fed up and just wish this were easier. I don't have the time nor the $ to try every doc around. I wish I knew ahead of time what they consider treatable limits. It's very hard for me to go to doctor visits as I have 2 young boys whom are 1.5 and 2.5 years old. Caretakers for them are very scarce and it's too hard to bring them with me. They are wild boys, as most their age are.

I guess I just have to suffer it out until my thyroid goes completely awack and will then be treatable.

Thank you all for your help.
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