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Should i call the doctor?

I wrote a few times over the summer but here's a little recap:
i am 19 and was diagnosed with multiple nodes on my thyroid over the summer, after the biopsies everything came back fairly normal, doctor said it was probably just thyroiditis and i should just come back to have a 6 month sonogram because my tsh levels were "normal" (i never got the actual results).
when i went back for the sonogram a month ago i was told that i would only be contacted if there was any significant change, needless to say i was never contacted.
i have been having a few symptoms of hashimotos for the last few month aka very lethargic, don't really feel like doing anything (can be an issue for a sophomore in college), and a very messed up menstrual cycle (haven't had my period in 3 months with no chance of being pregnant).
i feel like i probably should have my levels tested again but i don't want to just be reading into things.
any help would be appreciated :)
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Make an appointment with a doctor for complete evaluation.  
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have TPO levelschecked
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