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Skinny 20 yr old male, hypothyroid?

I just got my blood work back not even an hour ago, and they said I have HypOthyroid, not hyper. I'm borderline 6 feet tall, and 125-130 lbs, so i know i'm skinny. I'd like to say I have very mild depression, but it hardly affects my life, just every now adn again for a good five or ten minutes i get really sad thinking about stuff i could've changed and how my life would be different and then I can brush it off and focus on important stuff throughout the day and find other things to be happy and forgot about all that other stuff. Over the last week, I HAVE noticed that I've been getting abnormally tired. I'd sleep for my regular amount, and then usually stay up for like 10-12 hours, but just this last seven days it'd been more like 4-5 hours, then i sleep for another 4-5 hours, and repeat. It has NEVER been like that though, and now it is. My mother has it, she's super skinny as well. Every other symptom of hypothyroid doesn't fit me though. I have fatigue, and sleepiness, and I guess underweight, that's about it. I've been underweight my entire life, and I still feel healthy, I can still lift, run, jump, jog, exercise, stretch, leap over my 4-5 ft couch, dash across the hood of my car, etc. I'm supposed to start taking medication for it, but i don't know, i'm worried. I don't want this to be chronic, i always saw myself as healthy and able to handle my own problems without the need for alcohol, or smoking or pot. I know thyroid medication might "help" depression, but i don't want that. I was proud of myself without needing anything to cope with my mild depression and still be able to be slightly athletic and stuff depsite my weight. Will it always be chronic? will only a few months of the medication makeit normal then I can stop taking it?
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Since your mother also has hypothyroidism it's likely you have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis. You should be tested to confirm this with lab tests: thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAb) and thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb).  Hashimoto's thyroiditis is typically a life long condition however for some people they go into remission (my mother is in remission after various lifestyle changes).
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Please post your thyroid test results with reference ranges.  Ranges vary lab to lab, so you have to post both together.  If you don't have results, ask your doctor for them.  When were your labs drawn?

Underweight is NOT a typical hypo symptom.  If you've been thin all your life, then this is probably not a thyroid symptom for you personally.

Did they test antibodies?
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