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Stop the Thyroid Madness / Use Armour if you can

Hi. I was hyperthyroid about 12 years ago and had the radiation treatment due to my ignorance.  In 2009 I was diagnosed hypo and have been on Synthroid since that time with not much improvement in feeling better.  I have 51 of the 84 symptoms listed by numerous patients who submitted their stories to Janie A. Bowthorpe who then wrote the book Stop the Thyroid Madness.  Thanks in part to some knowledgable friends and Janie's website, I started on Armour Thyroid a month ago.  I'll see my doctor in a few days to make some additions to my treatment.  

Just want to put it out there - if you have hypothyroid or even suspect you do please go to www.stopthethyroidmadness.com or take a day or 2 to read the book!  It has so much good and NEW information.  Many patients have put information into the hands of this author and she so kindly has compiled it all for us to become better advocates for ourselves.  If you are taking Synthroid - or other synthetic meds - and not feeling better, please go to this site or read this book!  You may find better results with Armour Thyroid or you may have more issues than just your thyroid (ex: adrenal failure).  
Good luck!
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Erfa is brand of natural dessicated thyroid manufactured in Canada. Some folks on the forum use it with good results. You are fortunate! The doctor you are seeing seems to think outside the box! Ten days is a bit soon to know how you will respond to thyroid hormone therapy - it's difficult to be patient when you've felt rotten for so long - I know! I am often reminded to have patience! I am almost a year into my (Hashimotos)diagnosis and continue to read daily about this autoimmune disease. Sometimes I just wish I was simply hypothyroid w/o the nasty antibodies. : (
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STTM was one of the first sites I went to on my journey to find out everything the doctors don't tell you. I use Armour, although I am sad that the original Armour is no longer available. I'd try to get ERFA if I thought my endo would let me order it from Canada - but like another member said, with all the stuff going on with health care etc - they may restrict out of country prescriptions before long.
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What is ERFA?  I'm still learning and it feels like the more I read the more there is I didn't know.  I'm just starting on the Armour so I don't have any experience with the older version of it.  I'm looking for any suggestions or help as to how to take it or what to ask from my doc.  I'm seeing a doc in Portland who follows the "functional medicine" philosophy.  He seems to be really on top of it - he prefers to go by symptoms rather than blood tests.  But I think I need to find out more about the adrenal stuff.  Ten days of Armour hasn't done much - but maybe it's too soon.
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Good Morning - Yes, after reading of all the stories on here about docs, I think the doc I found is great!  I'm being thankful I got a good one.  Thanks for the info!  Good luck!
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I have now been on Armour for 16 days.  I'm not feeling a lot of change but my hair is not falling out in clumps and I sleep better.  But I saw the doc again on Friday and he decided I do not have adrenal fatigue becuase he said if you have it, within a few days after starting a thyroid med you'll notice a huge drop in energy.  I did not notice that when I started on the Armour.  So, he's decided my Serotonin and Dopamine levels are off and I have Candida in my intestines.  I'm taking a supplement called Neuro-Replete and I see him again in 10 days.  I have nothing to compare to but I really feel like he knows what he's doing.  My gut tells me to stick with him.  Any comments?  Anyone had similar diagnoses?
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Many people experience increased symptoms following an increase in dosage or a change in med.  If your hair is not falling out in clumps and you are sleeping better, those really are major changes.  It doesn't happen overnight or even over the course of a few weeks or months.  I've been at this for over 3 yrs and just now getting everything right, then about the time I think I have it under control, it all goes haywire....... I think that goes with the territory for a while.

Since the Armour has both T3 and T4, the T3 would most likely keep you from feeling that usual "slump"; I do hope it continues to work well for you.  

What makes your doctor think your serotonin and dopamine levels are off, or that you have Candida in your gut?  Did he do specific tests for that or is he guessing?

There are some on the forum who have experienced intestinal candida.  I'm not familiar with Neuro-Replete; is that an OTC or does it require a script?  
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There is a very simple home test for intestinal Candida and other intestinal bacterial overgrowth. There are many variations of this that, for some reason are grouped together and 'generalized' under Candida. There are symptoms too. Feeling tired and like the Goodyear blimp after eating carbs, sugar, gluten ,bread. Other digestive symptoms I wont be mentioning can also follow. Varies person to person.

The test is a saliva test, where you spit in a clear glass of water before you swallow any saliva, upon awakening. It should float. If it sinks in 15 minutes or is stringy, you have overgrowth. Its on the web too. Goggle saliva home candida test. Many supps just for this too under $15 per month at your health food / vitamin specialist. Takes about 3 months to 'fix'. During this time limit carbs, bread, gluten and eat no sugary snacks, limit tropical fruit. Protein and veggies are what you need during this time. Think caveman.!
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You sound inspired that you found certain information that helped to improve your condition.

That good news for everyone to hear and you sound like your journey is still going on learning more.

I wanted to reach out to tell you that although your information you are reading will shine a different light and also will give patients information that there are more alternatives with medication for thyroid then what many see with their doctors. Information like this should always be available to patients.

My journey with thyroid has been interesting too. I happen to be a patient that takes NDT thyroid and respond well. Other leaders here on MH thyroid are all synthetic thyroid patients and they also do exceptionally well since finding their correct balance of medication for their conditions.

Also reading your comments here you sound excited - yet still more research would be helpful for you. I think your doctor is quite informational and sounds good looking at other things that can stand in the way of thyroid medication.

I'm not sure if you are inclined to know this about Armour thyroid but when it was processed differently back last year many NDT patients raved about its preformance of response - others didn't like it too. Now with the changes it underwent - some aren't finding the positives as they did.

Its been about 2 years now on finding meds that are available and a host of meds - including synthetics are working terrific for patients. STTM is more inclined to dismiss any synthetic use for thyroid medication and stick to the grind ( too adamently for us) that NDT is the only way to treat this disease.

Lots of good information but a little too pushy and not open to all options.

Good luck and it sounds like your doctor is someone worth keeping. Stay open to the information out there on all forms of treatment and finding the perfect balance to heal you will come.
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HI -
The Neuro-Replete is OTC.  It's a combo of L-Tyrosine, L-Lysine, 5-HTP, Vit C, B6, Folic Acid - with almost no fillers.  He feels the fact AT helped my constipation is a sign it's helped the thyroid levels.  But given that the constipation is gone but some of the other symptoms still exist, he thinks there is candida.

He did not do a test (and I'll be trying that saliva test thanks to LazyMoose) - he feels that he can do minimal testing and treat by symptoms.  I realize some folks do not agree with that way - and I'm not even sure if I do compeletly or not - but I'm in a huge learning curve.  

I'm feeling a bit blind but since I feel more confident in this doc than my other I'm going along to see what happens. Based on what all I've read on many posts here I think if I am comfortable with this doc I'd best stick with him unless something very negative takes place.  I appreciate all the comments and sure hope I haven't seemed "pushy".  I'm just quite thrilled to find so much info and want everyone in the world to know there's another option -whatever one they choose- than just the typical synthetic path which too many people are finding does not work for them.  
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