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Strange symptoms, any suggestions?

Hi, I'm a 35 year old female. I have been having strange symptoms for quite a long time. For the past couple years I have been having problems with my period (cramping, pain...) this was getting gradually worse. I went to see the GYN and she put me on tri cyclen lo. The cramps don't seem to be as severe but my flow is heavier with clots. Now I'm having problems AFTER my period. There seems to be a patterns, it goes like this:

I get my period with cramping/pain, lasts 4-5 days
After my period I feel very ill for up to 2 weeks, symptoms: dizziness, nausea, anxiety, loss of appetite, upper abdominal pain under the left rib cage, pinching pain on the lower right side and low grade fever (99.4-100.2) which lasts the whole time (1.5 - 2 weeks)

I cannot do anything for those couple weeks after my period, I'm sick and drained. I stay inside and don't go outside at all. When my 2 weeks are up I feel back to my "normal" self.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading

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Do you have any reason to think this is thyroid related? anyone in your family have thyroid issues? I would look into more the gyno aspect..could be female hormones out of balance, but doesn't sound like typical thyroid to me.you may have a low grade infection or something, considering the fever aspect..maybe find another dr. ...good luck, hope you feel better soon
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Hi, yes I do have thyroid issues in the family. My Grandma had thyroid problems and had a goiter removed. Yeah , the fever comes every month and lasts up to 2 weeks. It makes it had to cope when you only feel good 2 weeks/ month.

Thank you for your reply!
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It could be Hashimoto's Disease. You would need to be tested for anti-bodies. I had problems like yours with my periods being heavy and cramping etc for many years.
It could be a polycsystic ovary disease too.
Probably best to get a full medical check, as you have a history of thyroid disease in the family.
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