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Surgery is Over....Thyroid is Out

Hello Everyone,

I had a TT on Tuesday 8/19/08 and the frozen section was benign.  Should get the final pathology report tomorrow or Tuesday.  The doctor decided to remove the entire thyroid due to me having two large nodules on the left side as well as the large one on the right.  I stayed in the hospital an extra night due to my calcium level dropping to 6.8  I am taking 4 calcium +D pill 4x a day.  I also started on 100mg of Synthroid.  I'm feeling ok....I guess.  Just ready to get some energy back and lose this constant dizzy feeling.  Will post pictues of the incision.

What mg of Synthroid is usually normal or does it vary by person?  I'm just wondering if this has anything to do with me being dizzy.

Thank you all for being here.

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Hi Kim,

I'm glad to hear from you and to know that the frozen section was benign!

Re the Synthroid, everyone is different and your doctor will adjust a dosage that is just right for you.  The dizziness could have to do with your no longer having a thyroid and waiting for the Synthroid to kick in.  That should take a couple of weeks.  I had lots of dizziness too but fortunately it seems to have subsided.  My TT was 8/6 and I still feel it a little but not nearly as much as right after the surgery.

My ex-endo started me on 125 mcgs of Synthroid but that was nearly a week after my surgery.  My body rebelled because he clearly waited too long.  I began again (with a new endo) last week-end at 25 mcgs and she has gradually worked me up to 75 over the past few days. Tomorrow I'll start the 100 dosage and probably stay there for awhile.  

Please keep us posted with how you're doing!

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Congratulations!  So glad to hear it was benign.

I hope your calcium levels remain stable and that the parathyroid gland activity catches back on quickly and stays that way.

Like you, I was started on 100mcg of levothyroxine.  After my first blood test it was increased to 112mcg and has stayed that way for the last two years.

Was the dizziness there before the surgery?  Either way, perhaps your body just needs time to adjust.

Get plenty of rest and take good care of yourself.

(Friendly hint:  Get used to putting the ‘c’ in mcg.  As a dr told me once when I used mg, "If that were the case, you wouldn’t be sitting here." LOL!)
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Glad to hear that your recuperating from the surgery.
I'm in the same boat you are with the calcium, so if you have any questions please ask.
I felt fuzzy & dizzy for a week or so after the surgery which  was all related to the calcium levels.  I'm back up to 8.6 w/ all of the supplements and I feel good.
I'm also on .175 of the synthroid, so maybe that has something to do with it too.
Be good to yourself & rest up!

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Hey, Lady :)

I'm so glad your surgery is behind you!  Just spoke to my friend who had TT in February, and she said she felt like she was in an elevator (dizzy).  She's MUCH better now, and you will be also!!  Relax and mend!


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I'm glad you are okay.  The scar looks great.

Don't take your calcium within 4 hours of your Synthroid.    I was started on .150 of Synthroid after my surgery but I hear that .100 is the usual starting dose then it gets adjusted from there.

Keep feeling better - fingers, toes, and thyroid scars crossed for a final BENIGN pathology report.


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Hey, I'm dizzy too and I didn't have any calcium problems at all.  I'm started on .100 Synthroid too.  I think I felt dizzy after my shoulder surgeries I had years ago, so I think it's just your body adjusting and being put under for so long.  Hope it gets better for both of us soon.
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Oh Kim - so happy to hear the benign finding!!!! :)  Praying the final will be the same!  Hugs to you, I know you must be sore!  Take care of yourself and let us know your progress!  :) ~Kim (the other LA Kim - haha!)
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