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TSH -- what's the minimum to receive meds?

I just got my TSH level back from four years ago (the doctor didn't show me the results, and I never asked since I assumed it wasn't allowed).
My TSH level came back at 1.29, although this is low, is this considerered "hypothyroid" at all?
I know some people have TSH levels of 0.4 etc. and still take meds for it.  What do you guys think?
I've got a good majority of the symptoms (hairloss, being cold, always tired, brain fog, poor memory, etc. etc.)
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1.29 is just right.  normal is btwn 0.3 - 4.2
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Yeap 1.29 is fine.. Stop worrying and get on with your life..
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...It's a little hard when I'm tired 24/7, am cold and have brain fog 24/7.  But thanks for your "advice".
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You said four years ago. Have anything sooner? 1.29 is just right, but I'll bet the tests are different now. Ask for another test. You can get one from some of the drug stores. If the levels are still normal try another test. (p.s. don't ever assume you aren't supposed to see anything about you. Don't ask, insist on seeing your test) Lots of love and luck....
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Hi, I am not a Dr. but I am a long time thyroid patient.
If I were you I would want to order  all the thyroid Antibody tests and also
a FREE t3 and Free t4 test.
Look for a doctor who will test these for you just to ease your mind.
There is a place online to order these tests yourself, but I have never used online labs

Listen to your gut feeling.  Your thyroid cannot be ignored if you want to have good health.

good luck, Carol Anne
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Thanks guys, I'm glad you two believe me.
I'm getting my updated results back tomorrow.  I kept hearing about the free T3 and T4 tests, but was never sure where to get them.  I think it's smart I do though.
Also, on my tests, it said that I have high cholesterol as well as low white and red bloodcount, as well I have a "small" amount of Leukocyte (which can be linked to leukemia) which is bothering me a little.
I was also wondering if I maybe had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the other symptoms (such as hairloss, unable to stand the cold, weight gain, dry flaky skin) etc. etc. do not fall into that category.
This is such a frustrating process.
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It's not a matter of "believing" you. You posted a TSH that was excellent. That's what people see. If your latest one is also good you should look to another cause ( such as PCOS) as thyroid symptoms are non-specific..
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