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TSH after TT for Papillary Cancer

If my TSH is 9 a month after thyroidectomy does this explain why I have been gaining weight and feeling tired? What should my TSH be?

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It could be, since now without a thyroid you have gone Hypo, which slows the metabolism and causes the fatigue, it is common for this to happen after thyroid removal, Most Tsh ranges are outdated and your MD should do  Free T3 and Free T4 tests to determine the dosage and or type of thyroid medication to prescribe to abate your symptoms. Most Hypothyroid sufferers do well with a supressed Tsh (Under 0.5) and a Free T4 that is about the middle of the reference range, and the Free T3 should be higher than the Free T4 level and about 2/3rds up in its range. Most Md's will wait at least six weeks after removal to see where your levels are. If yours has not, then you should contact the MD and tell him/her that your are having Hypo symptoms. Best Regards FTB4
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Thanks so much! I have so much more to learn. :)
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