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Thyroid Blood Tests-HELP!

Hi guys I would really like some help with my blood results.
My recent tests from a few months ago were normal:
T4 FREE 1.0 ng/dL   range-  0.8 - 1.5 ng/dL
T3 103 ng/dL   range 58 - 159 ng/dL
TSH 1.42 mcIU/mL range 0.35 - 4.00 mcIU/mL

Ever since I gave birth to my second son I have had all the classic symptoms of a thyroid issue. Low temp, cant lose weight, rashes, not healing, tired all the time, etc.etc.
They wouldn't do any further testing but I went and had these two antibodies tested with results:

THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES     7 HIGH       range: < or = 1 IU/mL 01

Does this mean I have Hashimotos?
Thank you so much.

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You could have Hashi's, but it's more likely you have postpartum thyroiditis.  PPT is a variant of Hashi's, but many people recover from it on their own.  It usually presents as an initial hyper phase, followed by a return to normal and a hypo phase, although some people only experience one of the phases.

Your FT4 is only 29% of range, which is low of the 50% target.  Many of us found FT4 had to be about 50% before our symptoms were relieved.  TT3 is 45% of range, which is also low of the 50+% recommendation for T3.  

How long ago did you deliver?
My son is almost 17 months old.  :/
So you think I could need meds? I have Kaiser and those idiots sent me home almost 6 months ago telling me I needed to try harder to lose weight. So frustrating!
I have many women relatives on my mom's side with thyroid issues bur not at my age of 33.
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While both FT4 and TT3 are a little bit low in the range, I'd doubt they'd be low enough to cause significant symptoms.  Your TSH looks good, so apparently your pituitary is pretty happy.  

And when did the symptoms first appear?
About 6-8 months postpardum. I'm now 16 months postpardum now.
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That's about the right timing.  Thinking back, did you ever have a hyper phase?  

You might benefit from meds, but I have to warn you it's probably going to be difficult for you to find a doctor who will prescribe them.  All your numbers are in range, except TGab, and unfortunately, most doctors want something out of range before treating.

I'd certainly keep an eye on this.  If your symptoms persist, you should be tested again.  If you do have PPT, rather than Hashi's, it should begin to resolve on its own soon.  However, while PPT is considered a "temporary" form of thyroiditis, it can last a couple of years, and it can become permanent.  It's impossible to say if you might be on the brink of recovery or if you're settling into more permanent hypo.

Do you have any other labs to compare these to to determine trend?  
I don't believe I ever went throught a hyper period. No I don't maybe I should get my TSH, etc retested? Those results are from December 2015 except the antibodies.
From what you know why would I have high TGab  if there wasn't something wrong?
Thanks :)
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Both thyroid antibodies can be elevated with PPT.  It's considered a variant of Hashi's.  I do think something is wrong, it's more a matter of if you will recover from this on your own, or if your condition will get progressively worse.  Some women have PPT and make a complete recovery.  The antibodies can also rear their ugly, little heads years or decades later.  However, there is definitely some merit to putting off meds for decades.  Also, even if you do have Hashi's, it can take antibodies a long time to kill off enough of your thyroid to be a real problem.  

It would probably be a good time to retest.  It's close to six months later.  Be sure to get FT4 and FT3 this time.  The labs you have posted have TT3, which is not directly comparable to FT3, but we can use it.  We can see if there's a trend happening.  

If you're having blood drawn, it might be useful to test some vitamins and minerals at the same time.  B-12 and D deficiencies can have some of the same symptoms as hypo.  So can ferritin deficiency, plus ferritin has to be present in cells for thyroid hormones to be metabolized.  Ferritin is part of some iron panels.    
Thank you so much! ♡
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