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Thyroid Labs More Recent - Any Help, please...

HI there, just got some more labs back, both for myself and for my husband...he has Hereditary Hemochromatosis which is causing him hypothyroidism symptoms...

His TSH was 3.09 (range .40 - 5.50)
Free T3 was 5.2  (range 3-7) do not know the units of measure
Free T4 was 11.6 (range 9-22)

His temps all day range in the low 97's to 96's.

Mine is

TSH 1.92 (range .40 - 5.50)
Free T3 4.0 (range 3-7)
Free T4 14.4 (range 9-22)

Was wondering if anyone could give a hand in figuring this out...much appreciated.

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How long has your husband been diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis?  Left undiagnosed/untreated, it can result in damage to different organs in the body, with the thyroid being one of them.

Your lab is using an outdated reference range for TSH; new range is 0.3-3.0, so using the new range, your husband's TSH is higher than normal.  In addition, his FT4 is very low in the range, at only 2%.  This could indicate that his thyroid function is declining.  His FT3 is still at 55%, but that may still be too low.  Rule of thumb is to have FT4 at about mid range and FT3 in the upper 1/3 of its range.

Is he on thyroid replacement medication, now?  If so, what med, at what dosage? And for how long?

On to yours: Your FT3 is very low in the range at only 25%; while your FT4 is at only 41%.  

Do you have symptoms of hypothyroidism?  I would with those levels.  Are you currently on a thyroid replacement medication?  If so, which one, at what dosage? For how long?

What, if any, symptoms do you have?

Has either of you been tested for thyroid antibodies to determine whether or not you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?  If not, you should get tested for them.  The ones you need are Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGab).  

Has either of you had a thyroid ultra sound, to determine whether or not you have nodules on your thyroid?  

Even though the Hereditary Hemochromatosis can cause thyroid deficiency, other issues should still be checked out, as there could be more than one problem.

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Hi thanks for replying...

We both have thyroid symptoms of hypo...pretty much all of them in varying degrees. I've lost track of it all, it is all a blur. He was diagnosed in late Sept 2012 and I also found out I am iron loading and was gentically confirmed through DNA to also be a carrier of mutation in the HFE gene, C282Y. My husband is compound heterozygous C282Y/H63D. He has been having phlebotomy's for several weeks and has brought the iron down quite well, but he also has Hep C. He has stage 2 peri-portal fibrosis with grade 3 inflammation. He has much damage to joints, tissues and other organs. This was undetected for over 12 years of going to drs and getting various testing. So damage done, but hoping to reverse some. We know not all will resolve. The thyroid testing was something new...I had been certain for a long time mine was acting up, and I have all the symptoms. However, iron overload also is responsible for many of the same problems,

I spoke with the NP looking after our labs and she said everything looks good as far as FT3 and FT4 go for both of us and that we appear to be converting well. I am not familiar with the thyroid aspect, but do know that the thyroid, pituitary and adrenals are damaged due to excess iron.

Our thyroid antibodies tests are enroute. She did not have those back yet.

So what should I be asking for regarding these numbers? None of us are treating. Never have. We have tried everything possible to get iron issue under "control", it will be a struggle for both of us. But I would like to get to bottom of how to treat or address the thyroid stuff as well. What would you recommend?

Thanks again sooo much, C
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Many doctors think that just because thyroid levels are "in range" that all is well, when that couldn't be further from the truth.  Everyone is different and the ranges are way too broad.  

Most of us on thyroid hormones, find that we have to keep FT4 at about mid range and FT3 in the upper 1/3 of its range. As I pointed out, both yours and your husbands are a long way from that.

I'd want to see the antibody tests.  If either (or both) of you have Hashimoto's, it's not unusual for symptoms to surface, long before regular labs (TSH, FT3 and FT4) actually indicate a problem.  If you have Hashimoto's, it's only a  matter of time until your labs will coincide with your symptoms, since your thyroid produces less hormones as the antibodies destroy healthy thyroid tissue.

Additionally, adequate iron is essential for healthy thyroid function, but I'm not sure the effects of too much iron. I'd have to research that, but it stands to reason that too much iron could also have an effect; therefore, you might be better off to get the iron issues under control before trying to do a lot with the thyroid issue.

While hypothyroidism does cause muscle/joint pain, the Hep C is also bound to have an effect and it would be  hard to separate your husband's thyroid symptoms from those of the iron overload and Hep C.  Have you (or your husband) checked out the Hep C forum, here on MH?

You didn't answer, whether or not either of you has had a thyroid ultra sound to determine if you have nodules and/or inflammation?

Will look forward to seeing the antibody tests.
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No, Barb neither of us has had an ultra sound on thyroid.

We have checked into the Hep C site, yes.

That's why I say it is all a blur, each condition contributing/factoring/underlying. Hard to know the difference. But id we get the hormones functioning well, we can then at least eliminate one source of the issue. Either he'll feel better, or not. Then we know. But I agree that there are lots of things going on here.

Thanks for your time...I will pass on the antibodies tests when we get them.

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Good that you've checked out the Hep C forum, I know some of the people there and hopefully, they will provide good info.

I can see that your journey will be one of trial and error, because the symptoms of the different conditions are so similar.

I'll look forward to seeing the antibody tests and also urge you both to get a thyroid ultra sound, because that can tell volumes about what's going on, as far as nodules, swelling, inflammation and basic characteristics.
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I will keep you posted..thank you for your time...appreciate it very very much...

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Will you have a look at mine, I just posted on my thread? The numbers don't really mean anything to me, but would like someones opinon to what they think they can me?? Thank you :)
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