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Total thyroidectomy tomorrow....and scared!

Hello everyone, after 15 years of struggling with a wayward thyroid it's finally coming out tomorrow. I've been on antithyroid meds (carbimazole or PTU) on and off for 7 years and was finally diagnosed with Graves 9 months ago. The antithyroid meds have been a right pain in terms of joint aches and having to take large doses to keep the thyroid  anywhere near 'normal'. I met one of the surgeons who is going to take it out, and apart from telling me the risks of damage to the vocal chords or parathyroids, he said there would be very little post operative pain and that it shouldn't take long for me to get used to the synthetic thyroxine. I'd booked 2 weeks off work and was looking forward to having a nice relaxing time but then I stumbled upon this website....

It seems that many of you have had significant problems after having thyroid surgery. I've been told that I have a small, soft, diffuse goitre. I have been having difficulties clearing my throat for the past couple of years do wonder whether the thyroid has got in the way of something. I am scared of many aspects of the surgery: firstly, that there may be permanent damage to my vocal chords - I have to use my voice professionally and wouldn't be able to work. Secondly, I'm worried that my body will hate synthetic thyroxine and that I might end up feeling as bad as I have done when my thyroid has been raging. I am starting to wonder if I should have opted for radioactive iodine to kill it instead, but my consultant said she'd have the operation done if it was her and it did seem that there were just as many potential problems with the non surgical route. Anyway, it's a bit late to pull out 12 hours before I am due to go under the knife but if anyone out there can offer a reassuring tale of how you are glad you had a total thyroidectomy I would really appreciate it!

Thanks and best wishes!    
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Let it rip Girl lol !

I just love it when Hubbys or Partners think they can 'shut us up ' and they cant lol :)
Mine whinges about me singing in the car too.
He says that one singer is bad enough (the radio) so I sing even louder and roll my eyes lol :)

You will be fine with yr op Sash...just know your limits and dont push too hard.
Will be expecting you back here 2 days after the op ok?
(Hehehehehe) .......
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I had my surgery at the end of march and for several weeks I lamented that I could not sing..(which my husband was actually quite happy about)  My voice seemed deeper, more monotone kind of scratchy and I could go so loud and then nothing.

Now just in the last few days, I have noticed that I can sing as loud and off key as I ever did and I am pleased as punch...I'm not good at all, but I like to belt out my favorite songs as I'm driving off to work.  As many folks know, when you drive 45 min to an hour at a time or more, you have to do something to keep the sandman at bay....I have yet to reveal to my husband   "I'm Back"...HA  He's going to suffer.  He's going to suffer so badly the next time we head off to his parents house and he turns on the radio....I'm going to let him have it.  : )
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Everybody responds to surgery differently.   I had a significant problem a few hours after surgery but it was a very rare (less than .02%) occurance.  I had no pain at all after the operation; literally 0 on a scale of 1-10.  I had very few voice issues.   A little husky and my voice still gets a little worn out but nothing major.   I had no damage to my parathyroids.  I'm told by both my surgeon and endo Dr that it usually takes about 3 months for the meds to regulate.  I'm 4 weeks post op and feeling significantly better every day.  My best advise is to listen to your body after the surgery, take one day at a time and don't push yourself too hard.   If you can go back to work in 2 weeks great; if you can't don't.   Good luck.
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Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow.
If it helps you feel any better about your decision my mom did choose RAI only to have her thyroid come back to life after 10 years and start growing beside her trachea down into her chest.  She had it removed over a month ago and now that I am going through thyroid problems she said she would opt to remove the whole thing and not do the RAI
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I had both.
I suffer with Graves and was diagnosed Hyperthyroid.
I had RAI first because of thyroid storm episodes...only to find 2 days before RAI that I had cancer of the thyroid.
3 months after RAI, I had TT.
RAI was done on June 28th 2008 and TT on Sept 15th 2008.

I have never felt better!
I wish I had the patience that you did going 7 years with it lol!
You will be fine and others who have had the conventional TT can post here....I had mine via keyhole so its a different ballgame and mine had already been nuked.

The worst is nearly over and I wish you all the best with your surgery.
its normal to feel scared.....I think we've all felt that.
hugs xxx
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