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Trees down, VERY windy, and Rain Rain Rain

but we still have power !!! WOO HOO we are one of VERY few people around this aread that has power.  Not sure it is gonna last long though.  We are in the sounthern most part of Mississippi   close to Louisiana.  We are just now getting the bad wind and rain.  Schools are cancelled til further notice.  So far things are better than Katrina but its still pretty scary cuz I HATE bad weather.  
THANKS for all your thoughts and prayers, it means alot I know other are worse off than me but while I still have power I wanted to post.
We stayed at our church last night in town, we live way out in the country but we are home now, I am sort of wishing we would have stayed in town one more night...LOL.

Gonna down load some pictures that I have taken of today.
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Well I spoke too soon, we still have power but I have a HUGE top out of a tree on my house.  It didn't poke all the way through but GRRRRRRRRRRRRR  I just put a new roof on when Katrina tore it up hope I dont have to do it again.
It has been alot worse here, tornados are popping all over and the rain is awful.  The tree top fell on my oldest daughters room now she is scared to sleep in there.  Can't blame her !  Roads are flooding I am just REALLY sick of this.
Then I really feel for those who can NOT go home and I feel like I should not be complaining but anyway feeling like a good thyroid cry is coming...LOL. Will post more pics of today if you guys want to see them.   Still no school not sure for how long.
THANKS for your thoughts, just wanted to post another update, looks like we are stuck in this until Friday, it has stalled out or is moving VERY slow and we are stuck getting the outer bands still.  
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Woohoo for you  it.We are starting to get the gustave leftovers here in Okieland.
Love Venora
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I posted pics on here. my medhelp.
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glad your okay!!
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