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HELLO Everybody, Since last January I have been to Doctor for an acute case of gouty arthritis, and as my new Doctor was looking through my file he noticed I had a kidney removed in 1992 because of a "staghorn"
for those who don't know the stone was so big it grew into the whole kidney even the vessels etc hence the
name stags horn.  Next thing I knew I was being send for an ultra sound and blood tests. and told I have hypothyroidism i don't know what that is and how something in my neck could have to do with the rest of my body, could anyone give me any info.  I have arthritis and it is very painful in hips feet knees and my fingers are now lumpy and very sore.  I am also very tired all the time and, I am overweight but I have problems with flat feet and if I walk very far my insteps swell and become very painful.
Can anybody tell me how much of the above can be put down to hypothroidism.
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Colette, you can start by reading this forum's health pages. The link is found above and to the right. You can choose from a number of informative articles which will help you understand hypothyroidism.
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