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Weight GAIN on 25mg Levothyroxine, want to quit taking

I recently got diagnosed with Hashimoto's, but I feel my lab results are mostly in the normal range.

TSH 1.440 uIU/mL (reference: 0.450-4.500, interpretation: normal)

Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum 2.8 pg/mL (reference: 2.0-4.4, interpretation:normal)

T4, Free (Direct) 1.45ng/dL (reference: 0.82-1.77, interpretation: normal)

TPO ab 12 IU/mL (reference: 0-34, interpretation: normal)

Thyroglobulin Antibody 1.3 IU/mL (reference: 0.0-0.9, interpretation: high)

Based on my TGA, doctor put me in 25mg Levothyroxine. It has only been two weeks and I am gaining weight in my stomach. I am worried whether I even need to be taking this or not, as all my numbers are normal other than TG antibodies
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When diagnosing a patient for possible hypothyroidism, even more important than biochemical tests,  is an evaluation for symptoms.   So before further discussion please tell us about any symptoms you have.  
I do from time to time suffer heart palpitations (previous doctor said it wasn't an issue unless it happened more frequently and told me it was probably was due to anxiety), I started having panic attacks this past year, also constantly cold and low energy. I also developed SIBO, which I guess is sometimes linked with thyroid issues?
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You do have some symptoms that occur more frequently with hypothyroidism.   I am not sure about the TG ab test being conclusive since your TSH is  well within range.  Also your Free T4 of 1.45 is at 66% of its range, which is adequate.  Your Free T3 of 2.8 is at 33% of its range, which is lower than optimal for many people.    If that is the source of your hypo symptoms, giving you a small dose of T4 med is not going to help.  

The FT3 being so much lower in its range than FT4 is an indication of poor conversion of T4 to T3.    So before taking that route, I suggest that you should ask to be tested for Reverse T3 and another Free T3 (same blood draw), along with Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin.  With those tests you can better determine what needs to be done.   If you can get those done, then post results and reference ranges and we will be happy to help interpret and advise further.  
Thank you for the input, that is super helpful. I will ask about Reverse T3, Vitamin D and B12. They did also test my Ferritin levels, the result was 109 ng/ml, reference was 15-150 so the interpretation said "normal".

Is taking Levothyroxine harmful if it's really not what I need?
Also, they wanted to test me after 6 weeks on Levothyroxine, should I wait until then to get the additional tests, or do so sooner?
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Taking the Levo is not harmful, but based on your test results I can't see how it will help either.  So why continue when your Free T4 is good and symptoms are due to something else?  I suggest that you discuss that with your doctor and if you could get the additional tests done any time soon, I would go ahead and do so and wait until afterward to consider  what else needs to be done.
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