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What do the results of my blood tests mean?

What do the results of my blood tests mean?

Tests: (1) CBC With Differential/Platelet (005009)
WBC         [H] 12.3 x10E3/uL        3.4-10.8
RBC            4.83 x10E6/uL        3.77-5.28
Hemoglobin      [L] 10.7 g/dL          11.1-15.9
Hematocrit        35.3 %           34.0-46.6
MCV         [L] 73 fL            79-97
MCH         [L] 22.2 pg           26.6-33.0
MCHC         [L] 30.3 g/dL          31.5-35.7
RDW         [H] 15.8 %           12.3-15.4
Platelets         320 x10E3/uL        150-379
Neutrophils        68 %
Lymphs          19 %
Monocytes         6 %
Eos            7 %
Basos           0 %
Neutrophils (Absolute)
            [H] 8.3 x10E3/uL        1.4-7.0
Lymphs (Absolute)     2.3 x10E3/uL        0.7-3.1
Monocytes(Absolute)    0.7 x10E3/uL        0.1-0.9
Eos (Absolute)    [H] 0.9 x10E3/uL        0.0-0.4
Baso (Absolute)      0.0 x10E3/uL        0.0-0.2
! Immature Granulocytes
              0 %
! Immature Grans (Abs)   0.0 x10E3/uL        0.0-0.1

Tests: (2) Comp. Metabolic Panel (14) (322000)
Glucose, Serum      86 mg/dL          65-99
BUN            9 mg/dL           6-24
Creatinine, Serum     0.72 mg/dL         0.57-1.00
eGFR If NonAfricn Am   104 mL/min/1.73       >59
eGFR If Africn Am     120 mL/min/1.73       >59
BUN/Creatinine Ratio   13             9-23
Sodium, Serum       144 mmol/L         134-144
Potassium, Serum     4.2 mmol/L         3.5-5.2
Chloride, Serum      103 mmol/L         97-108
Carbon Dioxide, Total
              25 mmol/L          18-29
Calcium, Serum      9.4 mg/dL          8.7-10.2
Protein, Total, Serum
              6.8 g/dL          6.0-8.5
Albumin, Serum      4.1 g/dL          3.5-5.5
Globulin, Total      2.7 g/dL          1.5-4.5
A/G Ratio         1.5             1.1-2.5
Bilirubin, Total     1999 pg/mL         211-946

Tests: (5) Ferritin, Serum (004598)
Ferritin, Serum   [L] 12 ng/mL          15-150

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We're a thyroid forum, and are most interested in thyroid tests, which I don't see listed, however, from what you have here, I do see several parameters that are out of the normal ranges and would warrant further investigation, depending on your current health issues.

Your WBC and Neutrophils are high, indicating some type of infection or inflammation.  Your hemoglobin is low, your RDW is high, MCV, MCH and MCHC are all out of range, indicating an issue with your red blood cells... this could be due to an anemia... the high RDW indicates either possible vitamin B-12 or folate deficiency, however, your ferritin is also very low, which indicates that your iron levels are very low.  

You should ask your doctor to test vitamin B-12 and folate, plus run a complete iron panel.  

Your Bilirubin is also high, which could indicate a liver issue or it may be because you lack an enzyme that breaks down bilirubin. This is also cause for further investigation, though it may not be serious -- again, depending on your health status.
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Ive had hypothyroism since a child. The possible lack of an  Enzyme has me thinking of another hereditary disease in my family. My Father has been battling Cystic Fibrosis. My mother was a carrier of CF. AND My Sister also a carrier and the odds of her married her husband who unremarkedly also has CF. So therefore her son also has it. And has beaten the odds thus far. I'm yhe only one in the family they never checked being my Doctors are trying to fogure out why i have a bone infarction left leg. And water fluid builds up constantly in my lower extremities. Im now going to an ORTHOPEDIC Surgeon next month. Thank you
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Thank you very much.  This is my first time using this site and had no idea I was posting my question in the wrong forum.  Therefore, thank you again for taking the time to answer my question.
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"Elevated RDW and low MCV is associated with the following conditions:

Iron deficiency
Sickle cell-β-thalassemia"

- Medscape - Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW)

"CBC results in iron deficiency anemia include the following:

Low mean corpuscular volume (MCV)
Low mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)
Elevated platelet count (>450,000/µL) in many cases
Normal or elevated white blood cell count

Low serum iron and ferritin levels with an elevated TIBC are diagnostic of iron deficiency"

Medscape - Iron Deficiency Anemia

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Don't worry about posting on the wrong forum... I'm not even sure which forum to tell you post on... but I suppose the General Health forum would be a good one... If you want to post there for additional information, you can access it via the following link:


As a word of caution, because low vitamin B-12 and iron often go with thyroid conditions, I might advise that you go ahead and ask your doctor for thyroid tests, if you haven't had them.  A basic thyroid panel consists of Free T3, Free T4 and TSH... don't let your doctor get away with just testing TSH, as many of them are wont to do, as that doesnt' give the full picture.  

You should also be aware that thyroid levels "in range" are not always adequate so if you get those done, feel free to come back here and post them, with reference ranges and we'll help interpret them.
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Without going beyond hypothyroidism right now, I would like to try and evaluate your thyroid status at present.  The reason for doing so is that so many hypo patients are inadequately tested and treated, and continue to have lingering hypo symptoms, while their doctor tells them that everything is normal and that symptoms must be due to something else.  So please tell us about any symptoms you have and also post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  Also, if tested for Vitamin D, B12, and ferritin, please post those. What was the identified cause of your hypothyroidism?
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