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What happened here?

I use to sign in here and read the question and answers with the hopes of learning but I see the format changed and there has been no new questions in over two months. Is this correct or is it something in my settings?
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Hi Sedgly... it's good to see you again; it's been a while.  

There have been a couple of changes and it's slow right now, but it hasn't been 2 months since there was a new question asked.   I'm not sure why you can't see anything more recent.  You shouldn't have to change any settings to be able to see the content.
Yes, Barb, nice to "see" you too. For me, I went from very slowly increasing Synthroid last year with 7 sets of labs to now in covid world I have yet to do them this year. I am thankful they got to where they needed to be before this craziness took over the world.
Best to you,
COVID-19 has pretty much messed up most people when it comes to medical issues.  I'm sorry you haven't been able to get your blood work this year... Are labs in your area not open?  Our labs have stayed open, for the most part.  Whenever we enter a medical facility, we have to wear masks and take other precautions, but I've been able to get labs as needed and the only medical appointment that got cancelled was for my cataract surgery so even though my thyroid levels aren't where they need to be, I haven't fallen behind on anything.

I hope you're doing well.  

You said your labs got where you needed to be, so I hope that means you're doing well??
I am pretty settled,  haven't even tried to do labs.. You may recall I'm in the black hills. Sturgis is just coming to an end.. So now we will wait and see if cases increase.. Or not..
I have been covid tested twice, once from my car and once in an urgent care situation where every hallway etc was sealed off with plastic.
To enter for Dr appointment We must were mask, get temped and sanitize hands.. At UC it was mostly the same except had to have a better grade mask and not touch anything.. Put in a room then not allowed to leave till given ok.. Everyone came in in full gear and stripped it off at door..
Frankly I'm not sure what to make of it.. It's either really nothing.. Or really bad and with all the perverted press there's no way to know what's real...

It's left me hesitant enough not to do thyroid labs as long as I'm feeling good.. Just don't want any unnecessary exposure..
Hope your levels get where they need to be.
Take care
There's a lot of confusion in regards to COVID - I just go with the experts and let it go at that.  

The procedures to see a doctor here are pretty much the same - masks required, temp taken at the door, a string of questions asked about traveling, etc.  Because I've never suspected I had COVID, I've never encountered the gowns and all that.

I'm glad your levels are good so you don't have to worry so much about labs and/or seeing your doctor.  

I'm probably going to have to find a new doctor before my levels get where I need them.  I recently had a referral to a new endo and all he's interested in is TSH, which never has worked for me.  

Stay safe
I just found out last night that one of my nephews is at the motorcycle rally in Sturgis.  Looks like a good place to stay away from.  I don't blame you for not wanting to get into that mess.
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I have also seen extremely little activity here. But the fact that these posts show up. Well that means the system is working.  Why no one suddenly has thyroid issues and questions seems a bit strange to me.

I guess Covid cured thyroid problems.
As you know many doctor's offices were closed or only taking emergency type appointments for a while.  Some might still be on reduced hours/staffing so that may have something to do with lower volume here.  There may also have been changes in how the site comes up in Google searches, so there may not be as many people finding us as there used to be.  
I forgot to mention that it's back to school time and we're typically slow this time of year as people are shopping and making other arrangements to get kids in school.  I'm sure it's especially hectic this year, with the uncertainty of being safe to send kids back to school in person so parents have to decide  whether to do online, virtual or in person learning this year.  I'm thinking things should pick up after Labor Day.
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