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What is the biopsy process like?

Hi all!

I went to the doctor yesterday as I have had (what I thought was) a sore throat for a couple of weeks.  Well turns out the pain that I'm feeling was actually something on my thyroid.  It hurts to touch that area of the neck and it hurts to swollow.

The ultrasound today revealed a single nodule, measuring 2.5cm, per the doc approx 1 inch, on the left side of my thyroid.  I'm being sent to a specialist, and my doctor said it's likely they will do an Ultrasound Guided Biopsy.  I'm definitely nervous about the procedure and was hoping someone could tell me what to expect.   My doctor also said they may decide since it's bothering me that they could just remove it first and then biopsy it.  I'm wondering if these are laproscopic procedures?

I'm also curious... does that sound like an average sized nodule (if there is such a thing)?  And, if my blood work comes back showing no concerns, is there a chance it could still be cancerous or am I likely in the clear???

Thanks in advance... I feel way too ignorant on the matter and it's come about suddenly... I go to the doc yesterday thinking I may have strep throat and this is where I am today!  I appreciate any advice!!!
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Every doc and surgeon is different. Some say that if the nodule is over 2.0, then get it removed because a biopsy won't get a good enough sample of the whole nodule. Your nodule is on the cusp right now. My mom  had a big nodule, 7.0 cm. It was removed. It turns out she had Hashimoto's causing it.

Be sure to get your TGab and TPOab to determine if you have Hashimoto's. You might if you also have the symptoms: fatigue, anxiety, weight loss/gain, depression, unable to sleep, constipation, diarrhea, eye pain, ear pain, foot pain, leg pain, joint pain, rashes, GERD, heartburn, hair loss, dry skin/eyes...

Also, I had a biopsy done for three nodules, each under 1.0 cm. It was less painful than a trip to the dentist. They numb your neck. I drove myself. Now, sometimes, depending on where the nodule is, it could hurt a bit more, but most of the time it's simple.

My nodules are almost gone. I have Hashimoto's and my thyroid hormone replacement shrunk my nodules.

If you elect for surgery, please get a surgeon who does at least two thyroid operations per week, and who has a few years under his/her belt.
:) Tamra
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BTW - Thyroid cancer has a VERY high cure rate. :) Tamra
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Tamra, thank you SO much for your informative relpy!  I really liked hearing that the biopsy for you was easier than the dentist!!!  (I do hate going to the dentist! LOL)  And wow, 7.0cm that sounds very large... puts mine into some perspective.  Thx for sharing.  I guess the fact that the nodule is causing me pain is what has me most freaked out.  But it's a huge relief to hear how curable thyroid cancer is.  Well I'm off to search "Hashimoto" on the interent!  Thx again and well wishes to you and yours!!!
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Kari, I just saw on your profile that you are trying to have a baby. If you think you have symptoms of Hashimoto's (sore throat and nodule being two symptoms), please get your doctor to test your FT4, FT3 and TSH levels as well as those TGab and TPOab tests done right away. Hashimoto's will lead to hypothyroidism, which can cause miscarriage, infertility, premature delivery and learning delays in baby.

I did not know I had Hashimoto's when I delivered my baby two months early. She had learning delays the first three years. She's six and all caught up. If doctors would have tested my levels then and given me the correct thyroid hormone, then I could have carried her full term.

:) Tamra

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Kari-It's Carisa. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I was just curious to see how things are going for you and what they have found? If anything.
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