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Where can I buy T3 , natural dessicated thyroid in SA without a prescription ??

Can anybody please , please help ??

I am desperately searching for a place where I can buy T3 without a prescription as Gp' s simply simply refuse to prescribe it.

I used a 'diet' tablet containing T3 and it helped. The tablet has been banned and now the weight gain started rapidly increasing again.

Please, if anybody knows of a place,please assist
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My gp's would not prescribe Armour either. I had to travel to visit an endocrinologist to have Armour prescribed.  
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Hey there. Do you have low thyroid? What are your symptoms?
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Hi Natasha
I have hypothyroidism since December 1999.
Since then I have used Eltroxin and the last 4 years Euthyrox.
My weight increased from 79kg's to 156kg's in a matter of 6 months.

No diet I tried worked. I lost some weight due to an unexplained illness.
The past four years I have been struggling with gall stones,  severe swelling of my right lower leg, which sometimes also affect the whole body. Needle and pins feelings in my legs. Irregular menstruation.  Body temperature below 35 degrees. Constipation. Muscle pains. Brain fogginess. Poor memory. Eyesight deteriates fast. Constant weight gain, even when fasting from 6-6. I wake during the night due to loss of feeling in both hands and sometimes also my legs/ hips feel numb. Pain in my knuckles. I can't wear my wedding ring anymore because my finger is swollen at the knuckle and can't bend properly. It's been like that for the past month. When I exercise,  walking, my ankles pain so badly that I can't sleep. Iron level is chronically low. The list goes on and on and on.

Local Gp' s say thyroid is fine, which it's not. I used a diet tablet that contains T4 and T3 and lost a few kg', not much, but some. Mostly it assisted in no more weight gain. Since I stopped using it, it was banned in South Africa, I already gained +14 kg's in 40 days. I even fasted for 10 of those days.

I know that T3 can make a difference, but don't have a Dr willing to prescribe it. I don't have a medical aid. Not that it would help much.

I m looking for a site where I can buy T3 without a prescription and that can deliver in South Africa.

I just want to have my life back. Throw out all the extra size clothing in my cupboards, I have from a size 16 - 26, never know which ones I will need tomorrow. I can't even wear a Jean or any other straight leg pant,  due to the swelling in my right leg.
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I am not aware of a place where you can get T3 med without prescription.  I do have info on a source for desiccated thyroid med that contains both T4 and T3, which should work for you.   I am sending you a PM with info.  To access, just click on your name and then from your personal page, click on messages.  
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I just want to say that I'm really sorry you're suffering so much. I feel for you, and I have to be honest and say that I do know where you can get T3 without a prescription. I've ordered it myself, however for reasons I cannot really get into, I cannot reveal my source. I would feel responsible if anything should go wrong with you while taking it. I will say that if you are really determined, you will be able to find it. Now whether or not it ships to South Africa. Well that I don't know.

Hopefully the NDT that gimel is giving you information on will work out well for you. It most likely will if it is really T3 that your body is needing.

Please be aware that other things can also be causing some of your symptoms though.

Be careful and learn the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
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Thank you Natasha

I have been to hospital to various check up' s, scans and blood tests, a total of 22 times in about 8 months in 2017. No answers could be found.

I send an email to the site recommended by Gimel to gain more info.

Thanks for your support
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I got a prescription for desiccated thyroid (natural T3 and T4 combo) through a naturopath/ND but I don't know if they're allowed to prescribe this medication in South Africa. You can call their office and ask (that's what I did).

Has your doctor checked your FT3 and FT4 levels? Can you post your test results?
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