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answers and advice needed ftm.

Hey ladies I'm 10 weeks pregnant and found out that my thyroid levels were real high at 6 weeks. My levels still test high
Since I'm pregnant and can't take medication or radiation I see the doctor every 2 weeks.

I just found out about this form so every answer and advice will really help. And any stories of yourself will help too.

I got a ultrasound done and my glance ? Well my thyroid is very large.

Plz help!
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"Antithyroid drugs are the main therapy for maternal hyperthyroidism. Both methimazole (MMI) and propylthiouracil (PTU) may be used during pregnancy; however, PTU is preferred in the first trimester and should be replaced by MMI after this trimester. Choanal and esophageal atresia of fetus in MMI-treated and maternal hepatotoxicity in PTU-treated pregnancies are of utmost concern. Maintaining free thyroxine concentration in the upper one-third of each trimester-specific reference interval denotes success of therapy. MMI is the mainstay of the treatment of post partum hyperthyroidism, in particular during lactation."
IIRC about 30% of women have thyroid enlargement during pregnancy.
The levels can get normal after delivery, and  there is a 50% chance thyroid size will get to normal as well.
How about blood flow within the thyroid? any numbers representing the measurements?
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Also  the doctor said my body was fighting it so she's happy about that I have  over active thyroid
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