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any ideas when TSH is the only number that is high?

Everytime I have thyroid tests done, my TSH #is high. I am seeing a functional med dr because I wake up during the night and then I start sweating, I don't wake up because I'm sweating I wake up and then I start sweating. She put me on  progesterone (50 mg) with 5 mg of DHEA. I recently did  a thyoid panel and the TSH was 3.74 so she started me on 30 mg of NP thyroid.I started that on Friday morning.I am also on 1 mg estradiol vaginal inserts 3x a week. I am not waking up and then sweating but I wake up and get warm and clammy. Its very frustrating but noone else has had any ideas on what is the cause. My previous hormone specialist prescribed a vaginal cream of estrogen/progesterone and testosterone.
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Is TSH the only thyroid related test that was done?  TSH is a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone, so doesn't necessarily correlate with actual thyroid status.  What about Free T4 and Free T3 (actual thyroid hormones)?   If those were done, as well, please post their results and reference ranges so we can see where they fall within their ranges.  

Do you take all of the NP at the time?  What time of day do you take it?

Do you have test results for the progesterone, DHEA and Estradiol.
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