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any ideas?

Fam hist of Hashi w/cancer both hypo & hyper....mother, grandmother....mother with 2nd recurrance in 05
Have 6mm undetermined tumor on rt lobe.
I have had difficulty breathing 4 a while but it's gotten worse in last few months. So bad lately that if I'm on the phone and attempting to walk/whatever at the same time, they are like, "What in the hell are you doing, working out?" I've had my lungs checked (perfect) and my POX is good so WHAT IS THIS? I've also started having pin ***** like pains that come and go along the back side of my rt clavical along w/pain located just at the base of my hairline on the rt side of my neck/head. Yesterday I was just sitting in a chair&the room started spinning to the left. Everything seemed to just turn!  That particular thing has never happened to me before&it freaked me a little but 30 secs after it stopped I was fine&so far hasn't happened again.
I had labs pulled on Friday that I was supposed to have had pulled in July&have an upcoming Endo appt next week, but I would like some help disecting my earlier labs, if you would, since I'm unclear on what a few things mean and I haven't been able to find anyone else on the site with a tumor as large as mine.
THYGB AB:                    <20                 REFERENCE RANGE      <20 IU/mL
THY PEROXIDASE AB:   331H (high)      REFERENCE RANGE      <35 IU/mL
T4 FREE:                       1.2                  REFERENCE RANGE       0.8-1.8 ng/dl
T3 FREE:                       321                 REFERENCE RANGE       230-420 pg/dl
Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Ok, I've got the most recent numbers and they are also retesting AGAIN on Wed. 11-11 before my next appt on 11-16 (last appt on 11-2) because they said the #'s didn't make sense.  They didn't test my antibodies this last time (blood test done on 10-30) but are testing them on the 11th, along with FT3,4&TSH.  Genetic testing was done in June 09 during which I tested positive for TC gene, whatever that means I don't exactly know.  I'm thinking it just means that I am predispositioned for TC but doc didn't say which type.  My Mom & Grama (Mom's Mom) both had/have Hashi's (Gma-hyper/Mom-hypo) w/follicular TC both had/have had recurrences, eerily approximately the same # of years apart after both being the almost the SAME AGE when orig diagnosed w/TC!  Both were 35/36 (I'm 35/36 in Jan)) when orig diagnosed.
The old levels are listed above but here are the newest levels:
FT4: 1.0 (lower than orig)
FT3: 299 (lower than orig)
All ranges are the same as before although symptoms are same and getting worse.
I just hope this all gets figured out some time in the near future 'cause I'm OVER it!
Thanks for your help!  Your words have made sense so far.

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What type of thyroid cancer did your mother and grandmother have?
They ran a thyroglobulin AB but was a thyroglobulin (Tg) test run?

If you can provide just a little more info I can help you a bit more.

Also - *stop working out* until you see an endo.  Your TSH is dangerously low and your BP and heart rate are probably pretty high.  Your are close to "thyroid storm" which is what is making breathing difficult and causing stress on your heart.  Your endo will probably have to put you on beta blockers for a while to bring your BP and heart rate down until your TSH can be controlled.

If I can get the info about the Tg test and the family cancers I can probably help a bit more,

papillary carcinoma '03, second surgery '04, recurrence and RAI '06
three sisters with papillary carcinoma (one with three recurrences/RAI)
another sister and daughter with precancerous thyroids
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Trying to provide a bit of info for you, and by doing so will also bump this post up so that it will get more attention from members with more experience in other areas, including tumors.  From your antibodies testing it's likely that you have Hashi's.  With this disease, your own autoimmune system puts out antibodies that attack your thyroid glands until, over some time, the glands are destroyed.  While this battle rages, the output of your thyroid glands can vary widely, even in a short period of time.  Since the lab data you provided came from testing some time ago, perhaps we should hold off any discussion until you get new test results.  If you will post the new test results and their reference ranges as shown on the lab sheet, then members will be happy to help interpret.
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