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enlarged thyriod and swollen lymph node in neck

Hi im 16 years old female and have problems with my thyroid.Its fairly large and i also have a swollen lymph node next to it. I have trouble swallowing and often choke on my food.Ive been to the docotr and he thinks its nothing. Ive had it my whole life and i dont think its normal to have trouble swallowing like i do. I even choke on liquids.Any idea as to what might be going on with my body. thyroid disease does not run through my family that i know of. Please help me out.
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So your doctor thinks it is nothing.  Did your doctor do any testing to help him in this diagnosis?  If so, please post the test results and their reference ranges so that our many experienced members can help assess your situation.  
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Ask for this bloodwork: TSH, FT4, FT3 and the antibodies tests to see if an auto-immune thryoid disease is causing this. The antibodies tests are TGab and TPOab. You will need both antibodies tested, not just one.

Your doctor should be concerned about this. If you test positive for antibodies, you could feel better with thryoid hormone drugs.

Also, you should get a thyroid ultrasound. You don't have to have thyroid disease in the family to get thyroid disease. Teens do sometimes get it. A member on this forum has a child who is eight who has thryoid disease.

:) Tamra
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Sorry for the late reply. Yes ive actually had tests done.severval blood tests and an ultra sound.They said it showed nothing.I do not remember what blood tests ive had done but Ill definately go and get those done TamraW.  They were going to perform a biopsy but then changed their minds saying that it was not neccesary....
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