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feeling like im dying

I had a TT 4 years ago from papillary cancer. I remember starting on Synthroid and Cytomel in the beginning and worked my way up to 175 mcg Sythroid with no more cytomel.  Did fine for 4 year until my endo decided I looked heavier and upped me to 200mcg and in a couple of weeks  all hell broke lose and I'm fighting for life now and scaed as hell.
I was so hyper that another endo said if I had still had a thyroid I would have been in a Storm. After that I became hypersensitive to meds, food, chemicals, etc. The endos tried different strengths of sythroid, troisint and armour to regulate me with no luck. I had horrible reactions to each medications and got to a point I couldn't eat. I was hospitalized twice and was accused of not taking my meds. As of 2 weeks ago my last TSH was 59.4 and I had no free t4 or and ft3 of 1.8. I was told I would go into a myxedema coma soon if this didn't get under control.
In order to shove in the thyroid I was given IV benydral to tolerate the armour. It only got worse.
I was told just take the meds and don't worry about the rest.
I tried my hardest and my throat swelled and I developed hives and had to stop.
Now I am on just Cytomel as a last resort and desperately trying to up my levels. I feel like hell and like Im dying.
Shakes, tremors, burning inside my body, hard to breath, cant sleep, nightmares, just feel as though my body is shutting down. I have been told don't get an infection because I wont be able to fight it off and will probably die.
Im so distressed with no one to talk to about this. Has anyone ever experienced this or any of these bizarre feelings.
Im so alone :(
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Hi friend, I certainly don't have answers 4 ya, but truly sorry you've had to endure tremendous trauma, and hoping all works out well 4 ya.  

Don't give up hope friend, I surely can relate to your story, when my nightmare begin I believed I was dying as well, for 5 yrs I hardly was able to function, spent most of my time in bed, playing games or on a laptop, I was sick beyond belief, suffered all the symptoms you mentioned, but my labs kept returning normal.  Very frustrating.  I made a decision to take matters into my own hands, learn all I could about my conditon, pinpoint it down to sleep apnea, diabetes and thyroid, I struggled through multiple health disorders, getting each one back under control, I researched doctors, fought with doctors, located doctors that were willing to listen/understand me.  It's been 8 long yrs, I've returned to living life once again, fully healthy.  

To further assist, could you post up labs with referance ranges, each lab range varies per lab.

Wishing you well on your journey, your not alone, member are here to support ya.        
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You're on just cytomel now?  What's your current dosage?  How long have you been on it?

It's true that you will go into myxedema coma, if you don't have thyroid medication in your body, since the thyroid controls so many of your bodily functions, such as heart rate, body temperature, metabolism and others.

After you were over medicated, what actual strengths of the various T4 meds did they try you on? What dose of Armour?  As AJ requested, what were your actual levels of Free T3 and Free T4?  I see the Free T3 of 1.8 - what's the reference range?  
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