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graves disease

im  a 19 year old student right now i've been away from university for more than 3weeks i feel very ill, i've been having these severe  migraines for over 2 months now, my eyes hurt terribly from all the pressure, im not sure if its the pressure in my nerves from all the spasms and intense pain and weakness im having in my limbs but im scared that its ocular migraines, i could not read properly with having bad pain in my head, i have graves disease but with my doctors appoinment yesterday at the endocrinologist the doc says im 'normal' when im everything but the muscle weakness is so sever i can bearly find the energy to walk to the bathroom, is it possible that i have muscle disease?? i feel like my legs are going to collapse, i feel sick all the time, im just looking for a doctor that will listen to me because my symptoms are getting worse. what i understand about graves disease is that it is an autoimmune disease and that there is no cure, but the endocrinologist is taking it so lighly because my readings are fine, what am i to do??
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Definitely, get a second opinion!  Your thyroid can make you feel terrible even when you are within range.  I had Grave's for years, but was told "let's see what your thyroid levels are in 6 months".  When my levels were normal, I had all of the symptoms, but was told "oh, it's probably just anxiety".  Unfortunately, I listened to my doctor and took medications that I didn't need to take.  You have to be proactive and assertive with doctors about thyroid disease for some reason.  The migraines, the pressure behind the eyes, the muscle weakness... they are all symptoms of Grave's and that could be all that's wrong with you... however, you MUST get a second opinion, and you'll probably need a third and fourth, too.
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Don't give up!   Get another opinion, as many as it takes till they help you feel better!
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Please post your thyroid related test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.  
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