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heart palpitations and hashimotto`s

If diagnosed with Hashimoto`s, at the begining my prolactin level was over 60, irregular menses, etc. Now my prolactin level came down to 40s, my thyroid tests (FT4 and TSH looks normal, borderline, low limit)but a few weeks ago I started having like heart palpitations, doctors listened and couldn`t make a dx., he said it sounds like a murmur but it doesn`t match what he would excpect. Could it have something to do with the Hashimotto`s? I also have trouble getting to sleep because of "palpitations".
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A heart mummer with palpitations, I would suggest having an echocardiogram done to rule out MVP = Mitral Valve Prolapse, if it hasn't already. These are classic symptoms of MVP or the palpitations classic of hyperthyroid not Hashi.
Palpitations can be from many conditions.  Heart mummer is something else.
MVP has been associated with thyroid, that is, MVP is seen in a lot of thyroid patients, so they are thinking there is some relationship between the two.

I too, had a little hard time getting to sleep with my MVP palpitations.


Just my personal opinion and/or experience. Always discuss your health issue with your doctor , always adhere to your doctors advise and, you always have the right to a second opinion. Nothing is a 100% or a 100%, 100% of the time. However, we are not all alike!

1990 - Hyper/Graves'
1997 - Dia/RAI
1997 - MVP - Mitral Valve Prolapse
1999 - TED - slight Thyroid Eye Disease
1999 -  Visible Nodule (suspect Marine-Lenhart-Syndrom/hyperfunctioning nodule)
2002 -  IED  - Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Graves' Range)
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maybe doc would have picked up on the whoosh/slap of a mitrovalve u can usually hear it...heart palps are diffinetly a symptom of hasi's I know this too cuz I suffered from them for the past 4 1/2 years with all kinds of echos/MRI's /EKG's /CT's/thallum stress test/non thal. stess test/ you name it I had it and was soon going for a cath....soooo turns out they found the lump w/CA and wala TT and palps stopped ummmmmmm Dr. says oh well maybe it was your hasi's making the heart go nuts...gee ya think??? are you on medication for your hasi's??? if not get on it asap regardless of how normal your labs may appear...they are not and you are most likely swinging back and forth hypo/ hyper (with anxiety and jitters ) then crashing back into hypo joint pain heart palps crabby emotional, constipation etc.....
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I just found out this week that I have hashimotto desease.. I have a few question. I am concern. I was not aware of this desease. I know that m grnadmother had thyroid problem and I probably got it from her side. My main concern is should I be worried about other kinds of desease? Shoud there be other test that I should ask her about?

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