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hormonal imbalance and fibroadenoma


I have a fibroadenoma in my right breast with size 7*9mm(this was a month ago). One year ago, when it was first discovered, it was 7*8.9mm, so almost the same.
I also have hormonal imbalance, and I discovered it when I visited a endocrinologist with my two problems.
The results of my analyses are these:
These hormones were in normal range - Antibodies to thyroid peroxidase Anti - TPO (6.34 IU/ml), PRL-prolactin(210.5 mlU/l), Testosteron (1.43 nmol/l), Cartisol(blood) (424.3nmol/L), Luteinizing hormon (3.61mlU/ml, 4th day of menstrual cycle), Follicle-Stimulating hormone (4.19 mlU/ml 8th day of menstrual cycle).

These hormones were high:
1. U-fr. COR/24(free Cortisol) - 440,8, when normal range is 50-190 mg/24-h. This analyse was taken from the urine of 5th day of menstrual cycle
2. DHEA-S - 424,3 ug/dL, when normal < 407. This analyse was taken from the blood on 5th day of menstrual cycle. The result of one mont ago in another labaratory was 428.2
3. 17-OH-P - 1.41 ng/mL. This analyse was taken from the blood on 5th day of menstrual cycle

My endocrinologist decided to give treatment with "0.5 mg Dexamethasone", 0.5 tablet per day after dinner for 2 month, 0.25 tablet per day in the third month.
She decided to avoid long term treatment with "Diane" as I have fibroadenoma. But still she wants me to take Diane in the 3th month of treatment for better result.

So here are my questions:
1. Will this treatment help my hair of head not to fall out and grow again?
2. Will this treatment help me to get rid of unwanted hair of my body (will they fall out)?
3. Will "Dexamethasone" hurt my fibroadenoma?
4. Will one month treatment of Diane hurt my fibroadenoma?

Please help me with these question. It would be so appreciated.
And thank you so much for your time and patience.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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No problem. :) I've had the dexamethasone suppression test when Cushing's was suspected. My results were normal and my symptoms are actually due to severe insulin resistance.

WebMD - Cortisol in Urine:

"High values:

* One cause of Cushing's syndrome is Cushing's disease, a condition caused by a noncancerous tumor of the pituitary gland (adenoma). An adenoma causes the pituitary gland to make too much of the hormone adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which in turn causes the adrenal glands to make too much cortisol.

* ACTH can be made by other conditions, such as cancer of the lung. This high ACTH level causes the adrenal glands to make more cortisol.

* The adrenal gland can develop tumors (benign or cancerous) that make cortisol and cause Cushing's syndrome.

* A high blood cortisol level can be caused by severe liver or kidney disease, depression, hyperthyroidism, or obesity.

* Conditions such as recent surgery, illness, injury, or whole body infection (sepsis) can cause high cortisol levels.

Reasons you may not be able to have the test or why the results may not be helpful include:

Having physical or emotional stress.
Being pregnant. This can cause urine cortisol levels to be high.
Having low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
Eating, drinking, or exercising before the test.
Taking medicines, such as estrogen, amphetamines, or corticosteroids.
Not collecting exactly 24 hours of urine"
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Up to one in six (15%) of women have a fibroadenoma at some time in their life. Fibroadenomas does not put you at any increased risk of breast cancer.

The dexamethasone suppression test is used to diagnose and differentiate among the various types of Cushing's syndrome and other possible causes of high cortisol.  Normal 17-OH-P for adults is less than 200 ng/dL. Not sure why you have listed this as high?

The TGA here in Australia issued a safety alert on the Diane-35 (approved for treating acne and hirsuitism but it also acts as a contraceptive pill) days after France banned the sale of this drug.  Diane-35 is linked to at least 11 deaths in Canada and 4 in France.
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Oh my goodness, lots going on for you.  Do you also have a thyroid disorder?  A number of posters here have dual diagnoses, thyroid plus something else, so perhaps someone will know a little of what you are experiencing and can help you.  I hope you get some answers and relief soon. Good luck!
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I don't have thyroid disorder, I have past all the analyses on that and it's doing fine.
I don't think I am in such a depressed situation that I need to relief. Hormonal imbalance will be fixed after my treatment, and what about fibroadenoma, that not too uncommon and not dangerous at least in my case.
I just want to know different opinions of professionals not to do something in a wrong way.
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Thanks a lot for your reply and help.
According to my test, normal range for 17-OH-P in follicular phase is 0.1-0.8 ng/mL, but mine was 1.41 ng/mL (on 5th day of menstrual cycle).
So probably I will deny Diane-35 treatment. Do you think that Dexamethasone pills will help me to fix hormonal imbalance?
Thanks again for your time and help.
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Generally, a high concentration of 17-OHP indicates congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) or an adrenal tumour.  Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid (closely resembles cortisol) that is used to treat CAH - to increase cortisol levels.

About 15% of all Cushing's syndrome cases are due to adrenal glands tumours.  Surgery to remove the adrenal tumour almost always cures the associated Cushing's syndrome.
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Everything is so complicated.
Can you please tell me what do you suggest me to do?
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Have you had a dexamethasone suppression test?
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No, I hadn't.
But cortisol in my blood is in normal range, its urine that contains too much of cortisol.

Thank you very much for your support.
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But you know the good point is, that I don't have any Signs & Symptoms of Cushing's syndrome. I have read about all the symptoms of that disease in different web sites, but i don't have any of them fortunately.
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