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hypo after total thyroidectomy, can I take Centrum Silver?

i had total thyroidectomy (july 10)3 months ago. a month after surgery i was given 50 mcg levothyroxine.  last week  bloodtest showed TSH 47 / FT4 0.481 / FT3 0.942.  levo dose trippled by endo, now 150 mcg (100 mcg in a.m. and 50 mcg in the afternoon). i've been on this dose one week already. haven't felt any improvements yet. i knowi it's too early to feel the effects.

Question: is it safe to take centrum silver in between my levo? will it help my other symptoms, weakness, mouth sores, etc.

thanks in advance for your input.
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There's no reason not to take it as long as you take it 3-4 hours away from your levo doses.

However, the quality of most multi-vitamins is often poor.  Multis tend you use the cheapest form of the vitamins and minerals.  It's better to identify deficiencies and use individual supplements.
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thanks a lot goolarra! Appreciate it!
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