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hi, i havent posted here in a while. i am a 32yr old female, and have been hypothyroid for 7yrs. it was first diagnossed when i went for routine bloods for a niggling back pain i had for some time. although i was always feeling tired,cold,slow in general, i never imagined there was a medical reason for my 'symptoms'. up until then i just assumed it was the way i was!! so it was a blessing in disguise when my dr told me i had this condition. not long after starting treatment i became pregnant with my first daughter, now 6, and stupidley my dr decided that it was best to not start meds until i gave birth. my bloods throughout pregnancy were good but at the lower end of 'normal'. i sailed through my pregnancy and felt fine, although tired (but also just thought this was part and parcel of being pregnant!).  when my daughter was born by cs  my routine bloods were done. i received a call from my dr to go see her urgently. she said that my thyroid levels were dangerously low and she had never seen numbers like it! i cant quite remember what they were but she said that she was surprised that i was even standing upright and not horizontal! so since then (2002) i have been on thyroxine. i started on 300 and gradually reduced to 150, which i have more or less stayed. i went on to have another daughter in 2006, but continued my medication throughout and felt really well. my daughter came 4wks early and shocked even my gyny!!. nowadays im very stable and still remain on 150mcgs of eltroxin thyroxine. i continue to have bloods done every 6mths and always keep up to date. thanks for 'listening' to my story and i cherise the knowledge of others who understand us thyroidodians!   xxxxxxxxx lisa
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hey lisa. Did you struggle weight weight gain/ weight maintenance?

thanks for sharing your story
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did taking the meds harm the baby at all..??
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