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inside itchy,crawley feeling

I've had this "inside itchey, crawley feeling" that seems to stem from the left side of my neck.  Like something is crawling through my veins.  It seems to go around my chest; left armpit, left front just below waist(bubbly, vibrating feeling here sometimes), left groin & UP through the left side of my face to the top of my head.  It seems to be spreading further all the time.I had been complaining to my Dr about twinges & intermittent pain on left side of neck, left armpit, left side midway between waist & armpit. They finally found a multi-nodule mass on my thyroid but are not concerned about it since they found empty lesions on my RIGHT lung (getting needle biopsy) along with "mild" emphysema. X-ray & CT scan were ordered after a ONE time occurance of coughing up about 2 teaspoons of blood one night.  No significant shortness of breath or blood in sputum & only had bronchitis twice in my lifetime of 53 yrs that I know of. Could a bad root canal be one source?  Could they be overlooking the real source of my problems because I've been a long time smoker?    
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You are at the patient to patient thyroid forum.  Your condition and questions are out of the realm of this forum.  You might go to the Medical and Health list of Doctor-to-Patient or  Patient to Patient Forums at: http://www.medhelp.org/forums.htm  ; OR
click on "Forums" top of page and choose a forum that fits your condition and/or needs.

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I had neurological symptoms develop when I was taking Wellbutrin to stop smoking.

I had that "something is crwling under my skin" sensation, as well as other things. The side affects lingered for several months after I stopped taking the Wellbutrin.

When are they going to address the multi-nodular mass on your Thyroid? I would think they would be doing something about that.

Have you had further Thyroid testing?
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