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is chest pain symptom of enlarged thymus?

I have recently been experiencing pain in my chest.  This pain occurs after sitting at the computer chair or sewing for a length of time.  It feels like there is a large boulder in my chest and it's pressing on my esauphegus. Swallowing large gulps of liquid seems to relieve it somewhat.  I used to get complete relief when changing my chair to the laz-e-boy chair and sitting in a reclined position.  But, now the pain is constant and only relieved after several hours of gulping tea or some such liquid.  I used to feel better after laying flat but now it's a different story.  Last time it occured I had to put lots of pillows under my head and chest to be able to get to sleep.  I am terribly concerned about this - I had been concerned that it was my heart but my Dr. ran an ekg and said it wasn't my heart.   I have only recently become aware of the thymus gland and it's location.  From what I've read - it seems like that is the location my pain is generating from.  I must also add that I have scoliosis (not sure of degree - thorasic) and am being seen by a neurologist for a diagnosis of other neuro symptoms he thinks may be MS.  Please help me ferret this out.  I am desperate!!
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