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natural cure for thyroid

recently in my blood test my TSH came out 6.41 .What kind of thyroid disorder is this & is there a natural way of curing it without going on medicine.
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The medicine is thyroid hormone to replace the hormone your thyroid may not be making. Any symptoms of hypothyroid? Hair loss, fatigue, muscle pain, constipation, depression, neck pain, GERD, joint pain, etc? If you occasionally get the opposite symptoms, anxiety, diarrhea, rapid heart rate, then you could very well have Hashimoto's and be swinging from hyper to hypo. Hashi is the most common cause for hypothyroidism in developed countries.

They make a synthetic hormone and a dessicated kind made from pig thyroid. There is no natural cure for hypothyroidism other than taking the hormone. If not, your condition will worsen.

You will need to find a good endo who treats mainly thyroid, not just diabetes and who tests and treats the FreeT3 and FreeT4 hormones as well as testing your TGab and TPOab to determine if Hashimoto's is the reason for your high TSH. TSH is a pituitary hormone, and testing and treating the frees is the most direct way of managing hypothyriodism.

Also, get a thyroid ultrasound.

Best of luck.

:) Tamra
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You have Hypothyroidism and could possibly have Hashi's but would need antibody testing for that.
As for the 'natural'...I am 1005 for natural products but when it comes to 'curing' it, if you have Hashi's which is an Autoimmune Disorder....there is no cure sadly to say...only a 'maintenance' regime to make life more bearable and make you feel ok.
Normally if your Free T3 and Free T4 numbers are at the low end of the scale, they would put you on Synthroid or a T4 med.
Most gasp with shock and horror knowing that they may have to take this for the rest of their life but it isnt too bad actually.
I too...was disgusted that I had to take Thyroxine for the rest of my life but in all honesty, I would take anything if it gave me quality of life.

I think you should ask your Doc/Endo for antibody testing to determine the high TSH.
You must be aching by now and should be on a T4 med to get the TSH down.

I would also suggest you research all you can on Hypothyroidism and this way you can be your own advocate.

After extensive research, I no longer 'ask' my Doc what dose I should be on and he just confirms that my change in meds is the right dose.
I know at the start of Graves and Hyper when diagnosed, I was at the Docs every week, then had RAI and Throidectomy which (of course) left me Hypothyroid.
I then found I couldnt run to my Doc everytime I felt like [email protected]
So did it on my own and levels have been good for me by 'tweaking' my meds, getting the right dose of Thyroxin and doing it on my own and getting checked from time to time.

Do you have your Free T3 and Free T4 numbers handy?
If so , post them and others can help you on this journey.
Good Luck :)
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Your tsh would suggest hypothyroidism. Your thyroid may not be producing adequate thyroid hormone. It's 'puttering out'. Happens at any age, male or female. I would suggest getting the doctor to test what is called free t3 and free t4, demand both. These are the actual thyroid hormone levels that all the cell/organs in your body need to work correctly.

You also need two antibody test to check for the disease version of hypothyroid called Hoshimotos disease called TgAb and TPO. Hoshis as we know it, is forever, requiring a slight increase in hormone replacement meds as antibodies slowly kill the thyroid.

If its not Hoshis and just 'regular' hypothyroidism, this may be temporary from child birth, whole body infections, Celiac, etc, as the thyroid is very fragile.

As you can see, knowing the cause is important.

So we need to see the free t3 and free t4 results with the ranges the lab used as well as the antibody results to say what going on specifically with you. Post here when you get them.

There are natural sups that help, but if its hoshimoto disease you will need the meds, (constant hormone replacement is not really a 'medicine').

You came to the right place.
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Well you got a lot of help all at once, so your set!

Hopefully you have a good doctor, if not we can give you some suggestions in finding one.
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