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When i sleep my hands and left foot always falls asleep and tingle and take awhile to wake up.
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You don't say how this relates to a thyroid forum, but hope this helps.

Sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome (basically carpal of the ankle, which is about all I know about TTS).

A fairly good indicator of CTS is numbness that includes the thumb, index, middle and the half of the ring finger adjacent to the middle.  Usually there's feeling in the pinkie and the half of the ring finger adjacent to it (this is the path of the radial nerve that is being pinched).  Also, burning sensation when the hand "wakes up" is pretty common.

Get on medline or one of the other good websites for more detailed symptoms.

CTS is one symptom of hypothyroidism.  Before I was diagnosed hypo, I had CTS in one wrist.  A wrist brace that supports the hand helps tremendously when worn to bed at night.  They're available at any pharmacy.  Since being treated for hypo, the CTS has gone away altogether, and I haven't used the brace in months.

Hope this helps...

- AJ
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Actually, if you do a search in this forum you'll find many similar complaints from thyroid patients.  The numbness seems to be related (in some cases that have been described in this forum) to changes in thyroid levels (esp. in the months right after thyroid surgery).  I had a TT two years ago, and for several months thereafter, I had numbness in my hands at night, as though my hands had fallen asleep.  It was a temporary condition, and not carpal tunnel. Good luck.
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